In A Dark, Dark Castle

This is the poem that I entered the KSP Foundation’s Karen W Treanor Poetry Awards with in 2009. It placed me 3rd in the state of Western Australia & I received a pretty reasonable monetary prize as a result! ;D

In A Dark, Dark Castle

My wicked, wicked nanny

Always fond of things quite gory

Took great, great pleasure

When telling me this story:


In a dark, dark castle

On the other side of town

There’s a big, big crypt

Buried underground


In the big, big crypt

Hides a little ghoul

With a fat, fat mouth

Filled with only spit and drool


On a still, still night

You can hear the ghoulie cry,

“I want a small, small child

who I can roast or fry!”


And if a small, small child

To the castle strays

In the big, big crypt

He will surely end his days


No one ever, ever looks

In the castle’s murky moat

If they ever, ever did

They would see that bones do float


And the long, long curtains

In the castle’s evil eyes

Are made of thick, thick skin

From the kiddies’ thighs


So never, never go

And heed my warnings too

For you never, never know

YOU could end up as stew!


About Danielle

I like to write. What more is there to know?
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One Response to In A Dark, Dark Castle

  1. Bob Moats says:

    Thoughts of children in my stew
    Was more than I could bear,
    Had me running for the loo
    and leave my foul lunch there.

    I couldn’t resist, love your poem, Bob

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