I know it’s completely purile, but I am amused greatly by toilet humour. So here is my homage to the gross & grotty. Rather arrogantly, I laughed while writing in August 2008. Still rather arrogantly, I snickered before I posted it!


My brother had a peanut
It was his little pet
But when he went to the toilet
His peanut would get wet
He tried to find the perfect spot
Where he could put his nut
A little hidey hole all round
He stuck it up his butt
That was no spot for his little pet
So he tried again in vain
Placing it in his little left ear
Which left him in some pain
“I know, I know!” he cried one morn
When it was mighty chilly
“I’ve found a spot for nutty nut!
I’ll stick it to my willy!”
Now 46 he still loves nuts
Roasted long in honey
If he offers you a nutty snack
You’ll know why it tastes so funny.


About Danielle

I like to write. What more is there to know?
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3 Responses to Peanut

  1. Bob Moats says:

    You are one sick puppy Dani, but don’t stop. Bob

  2. jack stevens says:

    you r too funny my sweet friend! LOL! Awesome!

  3. simplyscott says:


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