The Last Letter – Part 5 of 6

In the original story, this is the last section. However, I think for this forum, it works better as the second last chapter. I didn’t want to give away what was in the letter until the very end.

VI – Alex Remembering

She sat in the chair by the window watching the other – what were they called – persons doing whatever it was they were doing outside. It was not a particularly lucid day, but she kept having flashes of memories of things that had happened. Alex kept seeing a face in her head, a face that she should recognise because she felt it was an important face to remember. It had to be an important face because she remembered it. Now if only the name would come. But the harder she tried to remember the more she became frustrated by her inability to recall the name of the face. A woman. Yes, definitely a woman.

The nurse whose name Alex could never remember came in to see how she was. She smiled at Alex, straightened the pillows on her bed and came to sit beside her by the window.

“And how are we doing today my love?”

“I’m trying to . . . I don’t know what I’m trying to do . . .” Alex’s voice trailed off.

“Never mind my love, it’ll come back to you when it wants to.” She patted Alex’s shoulder and rose to leave.

“Fat lot of good. I need it now!”

Carol shot Alex a smile that she recognised from being on a doctor’s face some time ago. A ‘sorry this is happening to you smile’ and then she left.

Alex gave up trying to remember and settled down in the wingback chair. Perhaps she might nap. Maybe she would dream something that had happened in the past. It had happened a few times; Alex dreaming things that she was positive were real and had happened. She liked it when that happened. When she remembered Kate.

“Kate! That’s her name. That’s her. Kate!”

Carol, hearing Alex cry out a name rushed back to her room. “What is it my love? What’s wrong?” She was patting Alex’s shoulder again.


“No my love, my name is Carol!”

“Where’s Kate? Why hasn’t she written me a letter? All this time. She must have written me a letter. I’m sure I wrote to her. Now it’s her turn. Why hasn’t she written?” Alex, now confused, turned away from the nurse whose name she could never remember and tried to remember everything she could about Kate.

“Alex, who is Kate?” Carol’s interest was peaked. Could it have been the recipient of the letter she had recently posted?

“Hmm. Kate? I’m not sure Carol. Who are you talking about?” She smiled at the nurse then closed her eyes hoping that good dreams would come.

. . . To be continued . . .


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One Response to The Last Letter – Part 5 of 6

  1. Hello, Danielle,

    Now that we are nearing the end of the ‘The Last Letter’, I just wanted to say that I admire you natural skill as a writer—my curiosity is piqued. Looking forward to the last installment! 🙂

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