Carver’s Lake – Part 1

This is new for me. All my other pieces have been completed before I’ve posted them. But this story, I’m still working on. I had the opening image, and I know how it’s going to end. The middle, however, is still being constructed. I started this on Sunday 15 August, 2010. Fingers crossed that it turns out okay.


The lake’s surface was perfectly still. Smooth and glassy, its black depths gave away nothing. No one was really sure just how deep Carver’s Lake was. There had always been speculation, but no one really knew.

Over the years, many of the local folk had attempted, in their own ways, to test the lake’s depth. On at least two occasions that were reported, those attempts had resulted in the loss of life.

Will Jensen Jr was the youngest to die. In a drunken dare on prom night, he free dived into the lake. His swim team buddies had taunted him, and he had accepted their challenge. He dived in, fully clothed, and never returned to the surface. By the time his friends realised that he wasn’t messing around and dived in, there was no body in sight.

Dan McKay was the other reported death at Carver’s Lake. He went out in his boat one Sunday morning, with Schnitzel, his constant German Shepherd companion. The boat and Schnitzel both returned safely. Dan did not. Again, like Will Jensen Jr, Dan’s body was never recovered.

The deaths didn’t deter families from vacationing at Carver’s Lake. Every summer, hoards of people congregated at the lake. Some owned holiday homes on the lake’s shore, others rented homes, more still chose to pitch tents and camp. Despite the eerie blackness of the water, it was one of the most popular summer vacation locales in the region.

The lake had been named after a powerful family who had occupied the area since the early seventeen hundreds. The early Carvers were notorious for being quite malicious. No man in his right mind dared cross them. The last man who had, woke one night in mid-summer to find his less than modest home ablaze. His young wife and child perished in the fire and he promptly moved as far away from the Carvers as he could. That had been in eighteen twelve. Since then, most folks chose to stay away from the Carver family.

Despite the horrific reputation the Carvers had gained, the last few generations of the family were far removed from their ancestors. They were philanthropists and caregivers, doctors and fighters for justice, and for the most part, they were people who gave a damn.

. . . To be continued . . .


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One Response to Carver’s Lake – Part 1

  1. Oh Dani, you have painted an eerie, sinister picture of ‘Carver’s Lake’ filled with a shadowy, mysterious and evil past. This reader interest is piqued with your cleverly woven storytelling, leaving me anxiously awaiting part two.

    Thank you for sharing, Stuart 🙂

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