Carver’s Lake – Part 6

You have to love a bit of romance.



Mitchell watched one Andrea become two Andreas. The drug was beginning to take effect, and he knew it would only be a few minutes before he was unconscious.

‘What the hell are you trying to do, Andrea?’ To his ears the words sounded perfect but Mitchell was pretty sure, from experience, that the words were slurred and almost incomprehensible.

She sneered, her lips pulling up in a grimace, revealing her pristine white teeth. Andrea started to laugh.

‘You’re not the first man I’ve brought out here, Mitchell. There are many, many men who have come out onto the lake with me.’ She was gloating.

While he still could, he pulled the Tiffany blue ring box from his back pocket and tossed it to her. She recoiled at the box, thinking Boyd had thrown something offensive at her. She watched it fall to the bottom of the boat. It took some time to register that it was a ring box at her feet, before she picked it up and opened it.

The sight of the diamond and platinum ring shocked Andrea, her breath catching in her throat.

Mitchell’s slurred words cut through the silence, echoing across the lake. ‘Marry me?’

She took the ring from the box and slipped it on the ring finger of her left hand, admiring it in the moonlight. It was divine, perfect. She didn’t know what to say. This she had not expected. She had no idea that Mitchell felt this way about her. It was going to complicate the whole operation.

Mitchell didn’t know how much longer he would be able to remain conscious. While Andrea’s attention was focussed on the ring, he reached down to his left ankle. He waited for her answer.

‘Marry you?’ She paused and considered both the question and her response. This was nothing like what she had planned. Andrea had intended for Mitchell to join the other men she had brought out onto the lake. He was never meant to be a keeper, just a one off bit of fun, and now he had gone and done this.

She was lost in thought, consternation on her face. Andrea was struggling with her answer. It wouldn’t be much longer before Mitchell was unconscious. She needed to give him an answer quickly.

‘Marry you?’ She repeated. ‘Yes.’

It was the only word Mitchell Boyd needed to hear. Andrea looked up at him in time to see the smile spread across his face.

. . . To be continued . . .


About Danielle

I like to write. What more is there to know?
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2 Responses to Carver’s Lake – Part 6

  1. Thank you, Dani, for the latest installment. Hmmm who has the upper hand now? Your wonderful storytelling has more twists and turns than a coastal road—love it.

    Best, Stuart 🙂

  2. JennyBeans says:

    Hurry up! I’m reeled in!

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