Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Part 4 of 8

Saturday 4 – Saturday 18 December 2010

As it turns out, there’s a lot more to this family than anyone might expect.

The house outside of her room was silent. Instinctively, Ciara felt that she was also unable to detect any movement within the building. She wasn’t sure exactly what was giving her this feeling, just that she had it. Cautiously, she left the room and headed back downstairs. The foyer and hall were in darkness, as was the kitchen. Ciara continued slowly towards the kitchen, feeling almost as if she was walking into an ambush.

‘Hello, my love. You’re awake,’ Aunt Claire’s voice startled Ciara. She jumped at the sound of the older woman’s voice.

She spoke sternly as she continued into the kitchen, ‘Why did you lock me in my room? Why would you do that?’

Claire had been expecting this, but Ciara was eliciting aggression, and that was unexpected. If she lied to Ciara now, she would lose her forever. If she told her the truth, she also risked losing her, but the girl would know the dangerous predicament they were both in.

‘Sit down, Ciara, and I’ll tell you everything.’

Ciara, eyes adjusting to the enveloping darkness, shuffled her way further into the kitchen, arms outstretched in case she bumped into something. Just as she reached where she remembered the kitchen table to be, a point to her left was illuminated. Claire had struck a match and was lighting a candle. Now Ciara fought the light as her eyes acclimatised to the soft glow of the flame.

‘It’s safer for both of us to be in as close to darkness as possible. They’re unable to see well in the dark, unlike us. In the dark we see perfectly.’

Confused by her aunt’s words, Ciara sank down into a chair. She leaned forward, closing the distance between herself and her aunt. What she saw frightened her. There was a truth hiding in Claire’s eyes that Ciara wasn’t sure she really wanted to be a part of. She was sure that it related back to her time in this place when she was a child.

‘What do you know? What are you hiding?’ Her voice was quiet, almost threatening.

Claire smiled. For years she had wanted desperately to tell Ciara the truth. There was a certain amount of knowledge regarding the family, which was passed down through each generation. It was Ciara’s time to learn the truth.

. . . To be continued . . .


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I like to write. What more is there to know?
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2 Responses to Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Part 4 of 8

  1. Sandra DeBrandt says:

    Stayed up late to catch your latest, and it did not disappoint! Antisipating the next chapter! 🙂

  2. Oh Dani, You have got me in the room with Claire and Ciara….and what is the truth that Claire would like to share? I love this.

    Thank you, Stuart 🙂

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