The Perfect Beat – 1

Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 June 2008

I started this a few years ago and had no idea where it was heading. I still don’t, but let’s see what goes on.

“Nothing ever happens!”

That’s what all the new cops say when they get posted here. That’s why all the old cops decide they want to retire here – because nothing ever happens. It’s the perfect beat to get used to paperwork involved in the job if you’re new, and the perfect beat to sit back and retire on if you’re old. The status quo always remains the same.

Until last month.

10:18 am Wednesday 7 May 2008

Dave Mason enters the station to report his daughter missing. Eighteen year old Kelly Mason had gone to TAFE Tuesday morning, as usual, but had not returned home after her class concluded Tuesday afternoon. Having received a call from Kelly at 5:30 pm Tuesday afternoon, Mr Mason initially wasn’t worried that she had not returned home that night as Kelly had told him she was going clubbing with friends from TAFE and would spend the night at a classmate’s home. That changed at 9 am Wednesday morning when Mr Mason had tried to contact his daughter on her mobile phone. His calls were unanswered and unreturned. He then made numerous calls to his daughter’s friends, none of whom had seen Kelly since 11 or 12 Tuesday night. Panicked, he tried the hospitals to no avail. Apparently, Kelly Mason had disappeared from the face of the earth.

“Finally, something to investigate. Other than, of course, the case of the disappearing Woolies’ trolleys!” that was the general response by all police officers, on and off duty, that day. There would, of course, be a fight over who got the missing person case. As it would turn out, this was going to be handled by the Senior Sergeant himself, and whatever schmuck he chose to “work” with him – read, complete all of the paperwork , do more of the hands-on investigating, get none of the credit but all of the blame if something went wrong. Enter stage left me, Constable Blake – the schmuck chosen to do the off-sider job.

11:23 am Wednesday 7 May 2008

Senior Sergeant Stevens and Constable Blake leave the police station premises in order to interview Kelly Mason’s friends regarding her whereabouts. Having obtained a comprehensive list of friends from Mr Mason, we were on our way to our first stop TAFE, to interview Kelly’s lecturer and any TAFE staff who may have had any contact with  Kelly over the last month or so. It was an average TAFE campus, headed by seemingly average administrators who provided the Senior Sergeant with a list of all the people in Kelly’s course – another comprehensive list. Thankfully we would be able to cut down on interviews as many of those listed as Kelly’s course mates were also listed by Mr Mason as Kelly’s friends. The general consensus of the staff was that Kelly was a dedicated student, an exceptionally talented artist and a well liked young lady who was popular with everyone. Of the list of friends provided by her father, six were immediately of interest. They were the last six people to see Kelly before she disappeared. We worked down the list, the Senior Sergeant taking the lead in the interviews and me taking the notes. Nobody really stuck out as an obvious suspect and nobody appeared to know anything of any importance. After interviewing the top six friends, we – read, the Senior Sergeant – decided it was time to head to the pubs and clubs the seven women had gone to the previous night. I had time to think as the Senior Sergeant took the wheel.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit off that all six of them told the same story, Sarge? I mean to say, they all told EXACTLY the same story, practically word for word, the same.”

. . . To be continued . . .


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