The Perfect Beat – 4

Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 June 2008

9:25 am Thursday 8 May 2008

Dave Mason could only tell me that Tim Maloney was a twenty-something building contractor for a local company and that he had actively pursued Kelly for several months before Dave tried to put a stop to things. By “actively pursued Kelly” I took Dave to mean that the guy stalked his daughter until she submitted and went out on a date with him. Other than that Dave Mason was of no help. As far as he knew, Kelly hadn’t seen or spoken to Tim Maloney since then. When we caught up with Maloney he was on a building site, and not happy to see us.

“What has that bitch said I’ve done this time?”

9:33 am Thursday 8 May 2008

Not the kind of response you’d expect from the loving boyfriend of a missing girl. Maloney told us that things had been fine with Kelly on the Tuesday night until her girl Sarah had taken Kelly aside. From then on Kelly had given him the cold shoulder routine. He tried to find out what her problem was and she’d thrown a drink in his face and left. He never saw her again that night. Next thing he knows her girls are calling him and saying that Kelly has gone AWOL. The Sarge seemed happy with Maloney’s version of events but told him to stick around anyway in case we needed further clarification. I wanted to know why he hadn’t gone after Kelly when she left the club. You don’t “actively pursue” someone and then let them walk out on you. You go after them, don’t you? He couldn’t answer my question. Just looked at me like a deer caught in headlights.

“And once again Blake, it comes back around to her friends.”

10:00 am Thursday 8 May 2008

The Senior Sergeant suggests we stop for a cup of coffee and some morning tea. We’re sitting in the car sipping coffee, the Sarge is munching on a sausage roll and we’re taking in the sights and I get that feeling again. Someone’s watching me. Looking around I can’t see anyone suspicious but that’s not to say they’re standing where I can’t quite see them. The Sarge says he thinks I might be shaken from the intruder earlier on. Someone invading your private space can do that to you he says. I don’t agree. There’s something not right here and I think it has a lot to do with this case. The whole town is on a knife’s edge and some guy thinks it’s a good time to break into my house and watch me sleep. Why? The Sarge says it’s probably some guy taking the opportunity to do that sort of thing because we’re all looking for a missing girl. And we know how crims and pervs like to take advantage of any opportunity that’s presented to them. It’s then that I spot the guy standing by the public toilets looking at us. From his shape I can tell it might be the guy who was in my bedroom this morning. But then so could half the guys in this town. I point him out to the Sarge. He says he knows him. He says it’s Dave Mason’s little brother Bryan. So the question is then, why is Bryan Mason breaking into my house and stalking me? The Sarge calls the station and gets Conway to run a check on Bryan Mason. Turns out he’s been in and out of jail for various things – mostly break and enters, robbery, and a couple of assaults. He sends Conway out to pick Bryan Mason up and question him for the B and E on my house this morning. Just as the Sarge and I are on our way to re-interview Kelly’s friends we get a radio message.

“We’ve got a body Sarge. Shallow grave out by Singer’s Pond. Looks like it could be Kelly Mason.”

. . . To be continued . . .


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