The Perfect Beat – 5

Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 June 2008

10:22 am Thursday 8 May 2008

Singer’s Pond used to be a popular place for the local teenagers to congregate. In the last few years its popularity has declined mainly due to the spate of sexual assaults occurring to young women around that area. No offender has ever been caught. Maybe this time, he escalated his assault and committed a murder. When the Senior Sergeant and I arrive on scene there’s already a number of Kelly Mason’s friends standing around speculating about the fate of the victim. It’s a close-knit town so there’s little wonder that so many people got here so fast. Initial examination – it was Kelly Mason. Bound and gagged, naked, no identification. Crime scene techs were called out to the secured scene. We were no longer looking for a missing girl, but a murderer instead. Suddenly the days where nothing happened in this place were so far away and very badly missed. Detectives from homicide would be brought in and as the locals, we would take a back seat and merely assist in the homicide operation if asked. When Conway found Bryan Mason he was at his brother’s home. Minutes after Conway arrested Bryan on break and enter charges, the Sarge and I pulled up to inform Dave Mason that his daughter had been found. He fell to the floor weeping.

“Not my Kelly, not my Kelly, not my Kelly . . . ”

12:47 pm Thursday 8 May 2008

I’ve never had to inform anyone that their loved one has been found deceased. This was the first time. It’s not something I’d ever like to be involved with again but I suppose in this job, it comes with the territory. Whether I like it or not. By the time the Senior Sergeant and I had returned to the station, the homicide boys and girls had already taken up residence in the conference room. And they’d already just about completely locked us out of the investigation. Still, at least Conway had Bryan Mason. Maybe he could give us something that homicide would take credit for later. I wasn’t allowed to sit in on Conway’s interview of Bryan Mason. It was my bedroom that he was in after all. But the Sarge took it upon himself to sit in on the interview. Bryan was in no hurry to admit or confess anything. He was intent on drawing things out for as long as possible but strangely enough, never asked for his solicitor. He was content on proceeding through this without legal representation. Neither smart nor typical of the kind of criminal Bryan Mason was. Four hours later, Bryan Mason spilled his guts. Turns out Bryan Mason had been planning to break into my house and rob me. He had no idea it was a cop’s house. Just thought it looked like a viable hit from the outside.

“It wasn’t me in her house. I was watching from outside, across the road. Some young fella crawled in your lady constable’s window at about 10:30 pm. Must have been waiting for her to come home. I can describe him if you like . . . ”

5:00 pm Thursday 8 May 2008

There was no evidence to hold Bryan Mason in custody so the Sarge asked him politely to hang around while his story was checked. And check out it did. At the time I was trying to taser an intruder in my bedroom, Bryan Mason was getting busy with Digby Waters’ sister. A club full of people saw the two of them leave together and the doorman at her apartment complex saw them enter the building at about midnight. He was on shift all night and saw Mason leaving the apartment as he ended his shift at 7:30 the next morning. Conway had to let him go. But the description he provided to Conway fitted someone else I had met just recently. Conway informed homicide what he’d just been told by Bryan Mason. They weren’t particularly interested in a break and enter and told Conway to stop wasting their time.

“But I didn’t meet Maloney until after the break in, Conway. What the hell was he doing in my house?”

. . . To be continued . . .


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