Bring Home the Aphrodite – Social Media for Social Good!

My good friend Rami (@CosmicRami) has come up with a fantastic idea to utilise Social Media for Social Good. It’s a plan that requires a number of helping hands so, he approached a small group of us to set this project in motion. Now I’d like you to please read the post below & give us a hand to get the ball rolling and use Social Media for Social Good!

Kylie Minogue, one of Australia’s most loved artists & gay icons, is coming home to Australia as part of her sell out & highly acclaimed Aphrodite: Les Folies tour 2011, & we couldn’t be more excited.

Having seen Kylie in all her glory in many shows, we thought it was about time we got to share the experience of a Kylie concert with some people that love her as much as we do, & look up to her as a great Aussie role model!

And we need your help doing it!

We are asking as many people as we can to repost the below Tweet to get Kylie’s attention & ask her to donate 2 free tickets to two lucky people of diverse genders and sexualities from disadvantaged or homeless backgrounds who are supported by the wonderful & ever so important GLBTIQ youth organisation Twenty10. Help this much needed organisation to fulfill its aim of being a beacon of strength and acceptance for young people of diverse genders, sexes, and sexualities. Help support diversity in our community for the better, & most importantly, help the young people of today build a better world of tomorrow.

Your support is as simple as these 2 steps:

  1. Tweet the following post:

Bring Home the Aphrodite! Help Kylie use Social Media 4 Social Good #Kylie4Twenty10 cc: @kylieminogue  @Twenty10

2.  Ask your friends, families, Followers, Fans & Social Networks to get involved & ReTweet, Repost & spread the above message

Our aim is to get Kylie’s attention, & by doing so, hopefully get Kylie to donate 2 free tickets to two lucky young people from Twenty10 to enjoy her show, whilst also helping promote the work Twenty10 do within the community, so that more young people can access their services.

Thanks for your support, & especially thank you to Twenty10 for the great work they do in the community & to Kylie for being a great icon to us all!

Let’s Bring the Aphrodite home!




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4 Responses to Bring Home the Aphrodite – Social Media for Social Good!

  1. Marchi says:

    If only I could be a gay youth for a day. Well done, beautiful Aussies…. I shall RT and spread the message.
    Good Luck;)

    • Danielle says:

      Why thank you very much, Marchi. I know that everyone involved with the Social Media For Social Good campaign very much appreciates you posting the tweet to the members of your Twitterverse. And from me, personally, thank you and much love ;D

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