Sometimes Life’s A Beach

Monday 9 – Saturday 14 May 2011

Ah, the Gold Coast. The good ol’ GC. The Gee Cee. Pristine beach that goes for miles. Perfect water. Amazing seafood. Mmmmm, Moreton Bay Bugs – Flathead Lobsters for those of you not in Australia. A hinterland that will take your breath away . . .

It’s true, that up to the point that I arrived on the Gold Coast, I honestly thought that I was going to dislike it greatly. I had visions of muscle-bound idiots surrounded by blonde beach bunnies. I imagined more tourists than I’d be able to deal with. I figured it would be horribly hot and sunny the entire time that I was there. Oh, how wrong could I have been?

I was smitten with the GC immediately that I stepped foot on the tarmac at the airport. The weather was perfectly delightful for a start. Then when I arrived at my hotel and saw the river view from my room, followed by the ocean view from the boardroom across the hall . . . oh my God, when I saw that ocean view. It was unbelievably gorgeous. If the Coral Sea isn’t the most beautiful body of water I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is.

Within hours of arriving, I had the first of my tweet-ups with the fabulous mother-daughter team of Gillian (@gypsyluna57) and Tam (@Tamagotch). Could the Gold Coast tweet-ups have started with any nicer people? I think not! And what’s totally awesome about these two lovely ladies is that they took time out of their busy schedules to show me some of the best bits of the Gold Coast.

Again, I’m not going to spill too much about what happened during the tweet-ups on the GC. It’s that need to maintain some special memories of the trip. Read the Sydney post (I Heart You, Sydney) if you need further explanation of why I’m carefully choosing what I share with you. However, I will say that again, every expectation I had of meeting with these two ladies, was far exceeded. So then, off to an exceptionally good start on the GC.

Sunday night heralded the much anticipated 80s themed farewell party for The Meat. Oh, could my timing be anymore perfect? I think not. But, my discussion of The Meat will be covered in a Clarky & The Meat post, so, onto the other folks I tweet-up with that night.

Those of you who have seen the photos on Facebook will know that Tam and I may have – fine, we did – engage in a tweet war during the night, and Gillian tried to put a stop to it. However, once a tweet war starts, the only people who can end it are those who started it. So, sadly, her attempt to crush our war failed, even with the backup of Maria (@GumBootSally). The tweet war reigned supreme . . . at least it did in my imagination. 😉 Later in the evening, with the addition of Marilyn (@GCGrapevine) it was obvious that the twits were a-tweeting. Or is it that the tweets were a-twitting? I’m not sure – there were too many 140 character updates going around at a rapid pace.

I’ve said all along that the people I’ve met thus far have been awesome. Well, my GC friends are no exception. I tell ya, some of the loveliest people you’ll meet in Australia can be found on the Gold Coast. On that basis alone, I can’t wait to go back.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending all that time sitting around on the beach. In all honesty, the GC was the most relaxing part of my vaycay, and I’d probably go so far as to say that it was the most relaxing part of any vaycay that I’ve had. I’ve said to a few people how that while I was there, for the first time ever, I was able to switch off and not think about a thing. This is highly unusual for me, as I never stop thinking. Mental note to self: sounds like another perfect reason to go back to the Gold Coast.

I had the opportunity to dine at the three fab restaurants that I like to #TwitFacePimp – for those of you who don’t know that would be 1Two3 Mediterranean Dining & Lounge Bar (@1two3Dining) – excellent cocktails, Sage Restaurant & Café (@SageRestaurant) – excellent pancakes with ice cream and grilled bananas, and Yellowfin Seafood Restaurant (@yellowfindining) – excellent Moreton Bay bugs and King prawns.

And what would a trip to the GC be without a visit to Calmer Therapies (@CalmerTherapies), where I met up with the delightful Kara. Now, what to say about Calmer? Okay, that’s easy – Oh. Em. Gee. If you’re on the GC, get your butt, and the rest of you for that matter, in to one of Calmer’s salons (you have a choice of the Broadbeach or the Surfer’s Paradise salon). Really, it’s an experience that a) you don’t want to miss, b) you’ll be thanking yourself for doing for weeks afterwards, and c) you don’t want to miss. 😉

And what about Gillian and Tam? Where do I start? Hmm, I think I’ll try to sum them up with something simple, yet poignant: they are freakin’ awesome! I had so much fun hanging out with these ladies, that it’s too much to try and explain in a blog post. I now wish I’d used my camcorder more often so that I could have recorded everything and put it all in a vlog for you. I really did, and still do, greatly appreciate that the girls took me out and showed me their Gold Coast. And what better way to see a place, than with people who know all the best bits. As to what else went on, I will only say this: one margarita and Tam starts spitting like an alpaca! These two girls are freakin’ awesome. Oh, wait; I’ve said that, haven’t I? Alright, might go with ‘had so much fun with them, because they’re genuine, hospitable, and fabulous’ instead. Yep, that’s good.

I am determined that I will definitely make it back to the Gold Coast, and next time Tam, I willmake it to a Titans’ game! Who would have thought that I’d love the GC as much as I did? And love it I do.

It was tough, but I managed to deal with looking at this every day.

A likely bunch of suspects: Gillian, Tam, the blogger, Maria


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