The World According To Honor . . .

Tuesday 22 – Wednesday 23 November 2011

Painting by John Opie. I don't own copyright on this artwork, and no infringement is intended.

Okay, it’s clear that my guest blogger today wishes to remain anonymous, hence the pseudonym. For those of you not familiar with the origins of the name ‘Honor’, it comes from the Latin ‘honor’, meaning of honour, is generally considered synonymous with esteem, integrity, dignity, and, something I wasn’t aware of until I did a lil bit of research, is a unisex name. What can I say? I like trivia. 😉 I find it difficult to write an intro for someone who wishes their identity to be withheld from the public, because everything I want to say about them gives away who they are in relation to me. So, what to say about Honor without exposing the identity of my guest? Well, as a start, I really, really hoped that this person would agree to write a post for me. In fact, I was so desperate for this guest to write a post that I was totally ready to use any sort of blackmail – emotional or otherwise – to elicit an article. Come on, why wouldn’t I want someone I admire and respect to write a post for my blog? However, as it turns out, blackmail was not required. 😉 I rarely actively seek or heed the counsel of others, and there are few who I trust enough to even consider asking opinions of. That being said, I’ve sought the advice of Honor a number of times, which I hope is more reflective of the type of person Honor is than it is of my weird lil hang-ups. On to the post: I’ve omitted only one line from the email that I received – the final one – as it would undoubtedly have given away the identity of my guest . . . plus, it was directed at me, and as a result, is none of your business. Oh, what a great segue way into this post . . . The rest of the email, I wanted on Some Day And Never, in the whole, as it was sent to me. Did I mention that I’m stoked that Honor wrote a post for me? No? Well, I am. Very much. Did I also mention that it’s an absolute privilege to be able to say that Honor is a friend, or that I adore my guest writer? I didn’t? Hmm, I’m slipping. Okay, it is, and I do. Now read . . .

Keep Your Business, Your Business!!!!

I’ll try to make this as short and sweet as possible. Well, a bit confused about the sweet part, but here I go….

You know, am not the one to express or share much about myself. I also very much dislike those ‘getting to know you questions’, such as “So, what do you do?”…. Well, am here talking to you, aren’t I?

You see, am not interested in the how, when, why; am interested in getting to know people by their words, their movements, their eyes. In my opinion, not every action defines the man and at times how we may behave in a single moment is not who we actually are, as individuals. And the same applies to our online identity.

I often think, damn if I do damn if I don’t….

I have become, after 39 years of living!! a quite understanding, open minded individual (so I like to think 😉 ). However, I also find myself in need of solitariness. I often run away from any unwanted behaviour or rather, any situation am finding hard to deal with.

Now, as this is an anonymous post, am going to ‘scold’ as much as possible, simply because being nasty ain’t my thing and I honestly dislike upsetting anyone; unless otherwise, of course!!! I also don’t like the word ‘hate’; just to let you know, ’cause you so much care…. I enjoy sarcasm 😉

Back to my struggles….

I have recently witnessed some, well let’s just say, not to my likings behaviour and very much had me running behind closed doors!!! Am done with the latest behaviour, online. Am finding it extremely shocking and appalling, how us as humans can behave as so.

In saying that, I strongly believe the only way to be safe online, is to share as little as possible or none, of your dirty laundry……

However, I also know many individuals are not interested, or simply care about their online identity; and to that I say, each to their own. BUT, why do I need to come face to face with your sentimental bull sh*t (excuse language). I mean, who you once loved and why it did NOT work out, is YOUR business don’t make it mine by posting ridiculous comments or images, for that matter!!!

I don’t want to have to put up with ugly situations that don’t concern me and actually should be handled offline, for the sake of us all. Do these individuals ever think, that you and I might not want to take part in their chaos and don’t want to be involved in any form or shape!!

So please stop….

  • Posting rude images of someone you once dated! Always respect people, especially their privacy…. besides, to me actions speak louder than words.
  • Giving us the ins and outs of your then relationship…. especially to those not aware it ever existed.
  • Asking fellow onliners to share your nasty content…. when they’re actually finding it *disgusting and *rude.
  • If unable to control your feelings, I suggest you stay offline for the ‘cooling’ process!!…. and allow us to enjoy our travels!!
  • If none of the above work for you, simply stop dating fellow onliners…. plenty of fish offline as well; and yes, whales too 😉

So, I will finish by saying, PEACE my friends…. Nothing more, nothing less!!!!


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4 Responses to The World According To Honor . . .

  1. Breeanna says:

    OK, I just want to say thank god I’m not the only one that thinks the personal stuff that people put on their facebook page can be way too much. I am so sick of seeing all these abusive updates about exes. Really, get a life and stop disrespecting people. If they treated you like trash then tell them not the rest of the world. And if you’re too scared to tell them then get over it. Isn’t there some law about saying horrible things about people in public? I don’t know how many times I have been asked to post mean things about other peoples exes for friends or take sides in their relationship wars on the internet. No way am I doing that!!!!!!! I say if you want to have a relationship with somebody then you would be better off going out in public and meeting real people not the people you know from the internet.
    This is a really good article. It’s the 1st 1 that I’ve read in this series. Think I might read a few more if they are all this good. Honor thanks for writing this. I feel better knowing that I’m not the only person around who doesn’t like this stupid behavior. Great job.

    • Danielle says:

      Hi Breeanna,

      Thanks so much for visiting Some Day And Never. I very much appreciate it.

      I spoke to Honor this morning, and was asked to pass on Honor’s thanks to you for reading and commenting on the post. I think it’s fair to say that Honor is glad that other people feel the same way about this type of behaviour. I have a feeling that there are a number of folks out there who are over this too. And I must say that personally, I’m with the two of you on this – I’m not impressed with the recent spate of revenge postings that are filtering through on my FB wall, and honestly, I think these people need to grow up a bit…okay, a lot. 😉

      Hope you do stop by again and check out my other guest writers. I think I’ve really scored with the people who agreed to write for me…I’m feeling very privileged to host them on my blog.


      Danielle. 😉

  2. Taylah W says:

    Hello Honor,

    Thank you for writing about this issue, for lack of a better word. I totally agree with everything you’ve written about handling ugly situations off line. For me, Facebook is about having a good time, catching up with people I knew a long time ago, and also making new friends (if you can call people you’ve never met anywhere other than on the internet, friends), not having to put up with the nastiness that some people think is ok to spread over their Facebook wall. I don’t want to see that sort of thing either.

    Bravo to you for taking a stand and writing about this. Thank you to Danielle as well for posting this article.

    Cheers, and thanks again for saying everything that was going through my head too.

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Taylah,

      Honor asked me to pass on her thanks to you for reading her post.

      It seems that many people are in agreement with Honor regarding courteous online behaviour, and it’s an issue that clearly many people are thinking of at this time. Perhaps that is an indication that we have had enough of this ‘poor’ behaviour, and many Some users would like others to show some respect towards a) the people that are being disrespected, and b) other users who are forced, in a sense, to witness the ugly behaviour.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading the post.

      Danielle 😉

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