Inertia . . .

Thursday 26 – Friday 27 January 2012

So, I was arrogant enough a few posts ago to take Newton’s Third Law of Motion and twist it into Danielle’s Third Law of People. And jokingly, I suggested that maybe I should get started on the other two Laws. Well . . . here we are. Law Number One.

Newton’s First Law of Motion states:

A body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force.

It essentially means that an object that is motionless will stay motionless, and an object that is moving will keep moving in the same direction and at the same speed, unless an external force is introduced. For example, a ball that is stationary on the ground will stay stationary on the ground unless you decide to give it a good kick. In which instance, it will move. And theoretically, a ball that is in motion will continue to be in motion with unfaltering speed and direction unless, for example, you put your foot out to impede its movement. Whoa . . . those two years of physics as a senior in high school paid off. I can actually explain a second of Newton’s Laws. Sorry, I may have just impressed myself . . . and I know how hard it is to impress me.

And now translating this into people terms . . . umm, how about:

A person in a relationship will remain in a relationship, and a person who is not in a relationship will remain not in a relationship, unless acted upon by an outside influence.

Oh for God’s sake, get your minds out of the damn gutter AGAIN. No, it’s not about jumping someone’s bones. I’m talking about relationships not sex . . . although, maybe I should discuss sex because that’d bring the readership numbers up a whole lot. No pun intended with the use of the word ‘up’. But I digress . . .

In my lil Smurf brain, my First Law of People makes perfect sense and needs no explanation. However, you, Dear Readers, are not inside my lil Smurf brain, and therefore, probably have no idea what I’m going on about. So let me use me as an example.

In the “significant other” scheme of things, I fall into the second category of person in that law – the person who is not in a relationship, nor am I currently looking into the relationship issue. But let me tell you, I will have to be influenced by an incredibly powerful outside force before I’m going anywhere near a relationship. Read: incredibly powerful outside force equals a really rich, well read, smart but not obnoxiously smart guy with a brilliant sense of humour who still believes in chivalry. Yes, that’s right, I wrote chivalry, if indeed it still exists. P.S. mummy’s boys need not apply. P.P.S. a desire not to want booger eaters is preferable, although if you already have them, I’d consider you if you were rich enough. And yes, I’m serious. Deadly serious.

Now, when considering the first part of the Law, lets say Mr. and Mrs. A are in the relationship, and for all intents and purposes, are going to stay in said relationship. However, Miss B comes on the scene, does her thang, and Mr. A is caught having an affair, the results of which are his eviction from the family abode, a divorce or separation, and an ex-wife and daughter who want nothing to do with his sorry ass. So, the outside force is a doozy, or in this case, a floozy.

In Danielle’s First Law of People, the term ‘relationship’ doesn’t just cover significant other types of relationships, but encompasses relationships of the friend, work, or casual variety. Oh, let’s not limit ourselves – it covers all relationships that one might find oneself in. The outside force could be anything – the introduction of another person, change of environment, illness, death, change of job, a vacation. The list is endless, and may include events on a grand scale, or things that seem quite minor. If they impact upon the relationship, then they are a force.

What you do with how that force impacts upon your relationship is entirely up to you. This is the difference between Danielle’s First Law of People, and Newton’s First Law of Motion – you are not an object, and therefore, you have freewill and decision-making capabilities. You are not restricted to motion along a linear path, as an object might be. You have a choice in how you deal with the outside force on your relationship. Never forget that. You are limited by the choices you make, and you are liberated by the choices you make. No pressure, just make the right one.

Your homework, to be completed before the publishing of Danielle’s Second Law of People . . . I’m kidding. Isn’t it neat how Science really can play a part in everyday lives?


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