I’m Henery The Eighth, I Am, I Am

Sunday 5 February 2012

One of the things I’ve most been looking forward to since I got my new car is getting rid of all of the CDs that I have always kept in my car. And for those of you old enough to remember them, I went through the same thing when I transferred all of my music from cassette to CD. When I discovered that my car had a USB jack for an iPod, I was ecstatic because, lo and behold, I have an iPod. Okay, it’s an old 40GB iPod Click Wheel – so, not quite a first gen iPod, but not that far off it. I’ve updated the software and figured with all those songs on it, I’d whack it in the car and have almost my entire CD collection available to me.

Anticipating the blaring music that was going to thump from the speakers, I plugged it in and got . . . nothing but an error message. My car was explaining to me that my iPod software was too old to interact with the stereo. What the February??? Too old? I’ve only had this iPod for a good seven, maybe eight years, how in God’s name can the software be too old? That’s just plain nuts. Yeah, then I realised that I’ve had the same iPod for maybe eight years, and as we all know with technology, that makes my Classic iPod with click wheel positively ancient. And it was invented before this whole need to sync your iPod with your iTunes business came along . . . when you could legitimately manually manage your own music. And yeah, I transferred hundreds, nay thousands of songs from hundreds of CDs to it. I am attached to that lil sucker. It’s a part of my very being, and now my car is telling me that if I wanna use an iPod, I’m gonna have to . . . buy a newone. Sure, I know I could use my iPhone, but you know, myphone is myphone, and mypod is mypod!

Yeah, that about looks like my trusty 'Pod. *Image copyright does not belong to me*

Skip forward to me deciding how big an iPod I needed for my car, and thinking the 8GB Touch would suffice. It probably won’t, because I have a lot of music, and by ‘a lot’, I really mean a lot. Anyway, I wasn’t going to sit down and do that whole CD to iPod thing again, so I iTuned myself up and made my digital purchases – incidentally, this is something I said I was nevergoing to do, because I’m a fan of the CD booklet, and artwork, and actually feeling the medium by which my music is delivered to me. Still, I did it.

The new 'Pod baby looks sorta like this.*Image copyright does not belong to me*

I’ve bought a bunch of songs that a) I already have on CD, and b) some of which I haven’t heard since I had cassettes. Oh, the 80’s had some choice music, but that’s another post. And c) I bought a bunch of songs that I wouldn’t ordinarily have bought on CD, and three of these songs I associate with people and places. I won’t mention the specifics of the songs or the people, but I do need to discuss one of the songs. Let’s call it ‘Song A’ . . .

Song A is now on my new iPod, my iPhone, and my old iPod . . . and two of my three essential USB thumb drives. Now, it’s not that I actually really like this song because I don’t, it’s the fact that I associate it with someone who is important to me, and they happen to like the song. I’ve even converted the chorus of Song A to a ringtone that I’ve assigned to my friend, so when that person calls me, Song A plays. I will concede, however, that it’s a bloody catchy song, and it almost, almost gets me dancing. I know . . . it surprised the heck outta me too. I seriously considered that the world might have been on the brink of an apocalypse because of this almost-urge to dance.

It’s an irritatingly catchy song . . . and a bit like that Herman’s Hermits’ song ‘I’m Henery The Eighth, I Am’ in that once the damn song is in your head, that’s it, you’re screwed because it will stay in there forevaaaaahhhhhh. Oh crap, it’s just come on the new iPod while I’m writing this post . . . hold up while I do whatever it is that I need to do when Song A comes on . . . five repeats later and I’m back with you, and thanking God that none of you just saw what I was doing while the song was on. Minds out of the gutter, thank you. All I will add to it is: ‘demented squirrel’. You know what I’m saying, right?

Song A, annoyingly catchy, and thanks to my friend I’m stuck with it on my playlists because it reminds me of that person. I’ve tried to temper Song A with Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know, which I also don’t particularly like but it’s freakin’ catchy, Bruno Mars’ ‘Grenade’ (which I really like), Rihanna’s ‘S & M’, two or three Katy Perry numbers, some classic Aussie music with Icehouse, Pseudo Echo, Wa Wa Nee, and Sharon O’Neill, a bunch of Europe, John Norum, and yet nothing, nothing at all gets Song A out of my head. Oh, my dear friend, what have you done to me?

So, I’ve come to a conclusion: the next time I see my dear, dear friend, I will repay this debt. I have decided that I will sing, many, many times, ‘I Am Henery The Eighth, I Am’ and annoy my friend in the same manner that Patrick Swayze did to Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost. I will inflict the same musical pain upon my friend as has been inflicted upon me with Song A. Failing that, I can see that come someone’s birthday they might just receive some classic, and possibly crap, 80s music. I’m sure I can find some . . .


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