The Long And The Short Of It . . .

Sunday 6 May 2012

I’ve tried. Really, I have. Lots and lots of times, I’ve tried. But I still can’t do it. I simply cannot write a short post. It’s basically impossible for me to do so. It’s almost as if my inability to write a short post offsets the fact that I’m vertically challenged, as if I’m making up for my lack of height by writing long blog posts.

Logically, realistically, sensibly, I know that the long-post-short-Smurf theory is ridiculous, but I don’t know of any other reason why I can’t do it. Well, that’s not entirely true, I guess . . . it could be because I just like to ramble and extend the points that I’m attempting to make. It could be because I suffer from verbal, or in this case, written diarrhoea. However, that’s not really as much fun as considering that I don’t write short posts because I’m actually short. And here I go a-rambling again.

Okay, between you and I, I’m having a lil difficulty thinking of a suitable topic for a blog post tonight. The result? Oh, aren’t you glad you asked? Probably not. The result is this rambling, no-brainer, makes no sense at all post. But, it is my blog and therefore, I can write and post whatever I want as long as I don’t defame anyone. *Insert sigh here, followed by me shaking my head at the ridiculous nature of this post and the fact that I’ve left it to the last minute before I started writing because I was stupidly playing games on an iPad.*

Yep, a no-brainer post. Why do I call it a no-brainer? Thank you for asking. I call it a no-brainer post because I have no need of any brains at all in order to write it, and you, most certainly, don’t need a brain to read it. In turn, that makes this a zombie-free post: no brains to eat, no zombies present on Some Day And Never.

Well, it was either this post, or a post about how my destructive tendencies are rearing their ugly heads again, and quite frankly, I don’t feel like offering up my vulnerable self to the vultures at the moment. Mind you, now that I think about it, I’m probably giving you more information about me in this post than I would if I did write the post about my destructive tendencies rearing their ugly heads. Damn, should have thought that one through a lil better.

Hmmm, interesting segue way into Social Network usage . . .

While I’m at a loss for a decent post tonight, I sit at my desk, utterly dumbfounded, by a number of people who I follow on Facebook, and their incessant need to post updates about every single thing that they do. Every. Single. Thing. Every. Single. Day. Seriously, no one really needs to know that you and your spouse had a fight earlier in the day and neither of you is talking to the other. Nor do we need to know that you’re enraged that whatever studio in the States is doing it, is axing all the rubbish daytime soaps that you watch. And don’t get me started about the hour-by-hour descriptions of your droll work day . . . we all have sucky work days, so honestly, we probably don’t give a rat’s butt that you spent an hour engaged in a specific task . . . every time you effing do it.

These people, and you know the people I’m discussing because you’ve all got at least one of them as a friend, seem to think that with the advent of Social Media and Social Networks, we need to know everything about you. Get a clue, kids! Just like Snookie’s tan, less is more. Side note: I don’t really know how bad Snookie’s tan is because I’ve never seen an episode of Jersey Shore because, y’know, I have a real life, but I get so many updates from “friends” regarding crap like that, that I instinctively feel I know about poor lil Snookie-Pookie and her battle with the Orange Gods of Spray Tanning. See? I said it was a no-brainer post! Mentioning Snookie and Jersey Shore in this post has proved my point.

Urgh . . . now I just feel dirty, and like I should go bathe myself in a vat of industrial strength bleach.

Time for a Public Service Announcement:

Social Network users, please, less is more. We, the other users of Social Networks and Social Media don’t need to know everything that you do. If you have no respect for yourself, please, show some respect for us. Stop posting about everything in your life. Get yourself a real life, offline. Go hang out with your friends – the ones who you can physically sit down with, the ones you can talk to real face to real face, the ones you can actually hug. Think before you post, and remember: less is more. 

Okay, I’ve said my piece, and now I’m off to find that vat of bleach. I need to scrub the Snookie tan from my memory.

And P.S. just to make you feel better if you’re an incessant status updater, my Social Network weakness is posting photographs . . . and posting what I’m listening to via Path. I’ve progressed from incessantly posting YouTube videos. See? It is possible to move on. Try it, kids. 😉


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