So, I Should Be Writing, But . . .

Tuesday 3 July 2012

So, I should have been writing, but . . . yeah, I wasn’t. I’ve been distracting myself with all manner of other stuff. Stuff like, y’know, checking and replying to tweets, stalking people checking Facebook, having a squiz at what’s happening on Chime.In, perusing Instagram, updating Path, viewing recommended profiles and pages on Community Engine, and G+ing. Not to mention playing with my smoochy poochy fur-kid, watching a bit of TV, staring in to space . . . everything except writing.


No, I’m not turning into a zombie. Today, I’m finding it just too hard, too much of a chore, and no, I don’t have writer’s block. I simply can’t be bothered. It’s the end of term, and I’m wrecked, plus some lil germy booger eater – or a group of them – breathed their germs on me and I’m getting sick. Just. In. Time. For. Holidays. And if I was totally down with the germy crap, I think it’d be better, but I’ve got that almost-have-a-sore-throat sore throat where it burns, and I’m starting to lose my voice. For some, that is a blessing because they won’t have to hear me talk. In the meantime though, I’m straining more each day . . . and now I’m starting to cough as well. And you know how being sick impacts on your care factor – my care factor drops in to the minus care factor zone, but my ‘why me’ factor increases dramatically, as does my ‘whine’ factor. I’m cranking up to be in fine form for at least the first week of the holidays.

Oh wait . . . maybe I am turning into a zombie.

Nope, not yet. No overwhelming desire to eat brains.

Y’know how they say that doctors make the worst patients? Yeah, they, whoever ‘they’ are, haven’t seen me. Granted, after a certain period of illness the whinging disappears, only to be replaced with despondence, lethargy, and lifelessness. Oh my God, I do become a zombie when I’m ill.

And I also write completely shitty blog posts that I really should delete, but that I think are actually pretty good and I post them anyway. The kind that seemingly starts with a bit of direction, tapers off into nothingness, and then suddenly just stops at an inappropriate place in the narrative, or with a lame attempt at letting you know the post has ended.

Surprise! You’re reading one of those posts now. As if you couldn’t tell.

Later, kids.

The end.

P.S. There’s nothing wrong with a lil mindless drivel now and then. 😉


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