Death To The Queen – Part 11

Friday 31 August – Saturday 1 September 2012

‘That’s a tough call,’ Barnaby rubbed his chin several times while he considered the plan they had just formulated.

‘What other option do we have? She doubled her guards for travelling, but she feels safe in the castle and has not increased the number of men there. It’s the castle or sure death,’ Elle replied.

‘Honestly,’ Francois added, ‘it’s sure death anywhere, but she isn’t expecting a strike at the castle. She’s convinced it will come when she’s travelling, or when she is called to a public outing.’

Stephen Howard chimed in, ‘And you’re sure that the throne room is the best place? Seems to me that we’d be soft in the head to attack her in a room that has only one entrance. We need a quick escape. We can’t do that with only one door.’

‘It is the most fortified room in the castle, yes,’ Francois said, ‘but what better place to end her life, than in a room that no one expects an attack to be made because of the fortification?’

The room fell silent again, as it had been doing off and on all night. The village leaders would take more convincing that assassinating Queen Josslyn in her throne room was the best possible plan.

Francois paced, agitated. Elle recognised the worry on his face.

‘Francois, you should go. We can’t afford for Josslyn to become suspicious of you. Not when we’re this close,’ Elle said. Francois nodded and headed for the door. He opened the door, and turned to go out into the night, stopping short before closing the door behind him. He poked his head back in and spoke.

‘Elle, don’t forget about Lucy. We can use her.’ He smiled, and left. They could hear Francois’ horse galloping away in the cold.

‘What did he mean about using Lucy?’ a hairy villager asked.

‘She is Josslyn’s Lady-In-Waiting. She goes everywhere with the Queen, everywhere,’ Barnaby replied.

‘And how would we use her? Surely she’s loyal to Josslyn?’ Patrick asked.

‘We take Lucy out of the castle, and replace her with someone of a similar size,’ Elle replied, the idea forming as she spoke.

‘It’s not a good idea, Elle,’ Barnaby said.

‘It’s a perfect idea. We replace Lucy with me.’

‘Can it be done?’ the hairy villager spoke again. ‘We’re infiltrating an entire death squad. Are we doing too much to get to her?’

‘Safety in numbers,’ Elle replied. ‘You become a death squad, take Lucy out of the picture, Francois gets me into the castle, and I get to Josslyn. When she calls for her guards, you are the ones who come running.’

‘Yes,’ Barnaby said, ‘what could possibly go wrong with this plan?’

. . . To be continued . . .

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I like to write. What more is there to know?
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