Zoom – Part Four

Monday 1 October 2012

Ricketsen made a beeline for a tall, scruffy looking detective. He greeted the detective with a wide smile and a slap on the shoulder. Ricketsen handed the detective the envelope of photos and his notes, and as they spoke, the detective flicked through the notepad and took a quick peek in the envelope. He nodded, and Ricketsen gestured to Missy, who was standing by the door, to come over.

‘Missy Fairmont, this is Detective Russ Seaborn. Russ, this is Missy,’ Ricketsen introduced them. Seaborn held out his hand and firmly shook Missy’s when she offered hers.

‘Please, take a seat, Missy,’ Seaborn pointed to a seat to Missy’s right. She sat and looked from Ricketsen to Seaborn and back again.

‘So, you’ll look into this, Detective?’ she asked. He sat in his own chair and rolled closer to her.

‘Sure. From what Andy has just told me, we need to get on top of this now. I’ve seen a few of these kinda things go bad because people, mostly women, haven’t wanted to be any trouble, and haven’t reported things to the police.’

‘I’d very much like for Officer Ricketsen to remain on the case, Detective. He started the investigation and I think it’s only fair that he should be able to follow it through to the end,’ Missy said. It was more for her own sake that she wanted Ricketsen to stay than it was for the police officer. She needed a familiar face to deal with, and more than that, she trusted him.

Seaborn looked at Ricketsen and raised his eyebrows. Ricketsen returned the gesture with an accompanying nod.

‘I don’t have a problem with that, Missy. In fact, I’d be glad to have someone do all the hard work for me so that I can make the arrest and get all of the credit.’

‘You wish, Russ. If I’m doing all the hard work, I’m getting the credit,’ the officer replied. Missy wanly smiled, failing to see the humour in either of their comments. Seeing her discomfort, Seaborn ordered Ricketsen to get and chair and join them.

What started out as something she hoped wouldn’t take up a lot of her time, turned out to be a very long and tiring day by the time she had clarified everything that Ricketsen had noted down. Her head began to throb in the familiar lead up to a migraine that she had experienced so many times before. She rubbed her temples and neck but it was too late. The migraine was setting in and her medication would be of little benefit at this point. Seaborn could see that she was struggling.

‘I think we should get you somewhere safe for tonight. We also need to contact your husband. So, here’s what I want to do . . . ’ Seaborn started.

‘Detective, I’m getting a migraine. I’m not doing anything other than going back to my own house, closing the blinds, and sleeping it off.’

Although experience and good judgement told Seaborn that this was not a good or wise idea, he submitted to Missy’s decision.

‘Okay, fine, but I am sending a team to watch your home overnight, and there will be no argument about this part, I am sending in a couple of officers to spend the night in your house on protection duty. Otherwise, I will place you in custody for your own safety. Deal?’

‘My head is throbbing, I’m not going to argue with you if it means I can go home.’

Happy with the result, Seaborn immediately got on the phone and scrambled a surveillance team, and two detectives who were eager for some overtime. He bundled Missy into an unmarked police car and drove her home.

‘What’s wrong?’ he asked as they pulled up to the house.

Missy pointed to the fully lit window. ‘I didn’t leave any lights on when I left home this morning. There was no need. Someone’s in my house.’

Seaborn and Missy watched the silhouette of a man freely move around the formal lounge room.

. . . To be continued . . .


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I like to write. What more is there to know?
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