Zoom – Part Ten

Sunday 7 October 2012

Detective Brian Hunt, finally having a moment to himself, dropped into the well-used swivel chair at his desk. He let out a long sigh, rubbed his eyes, and yawned. The combination of murder and stalker cases was taking their toll on him. He was under immense pressure to solve Seaborn’s murder; nobody in the police station house wanted to see a cop killer get away with his crime. Resources were stretched thin on all of the other cases the station was handling until Seaborn’s murderer was incarcerated.

Hunt’s momentary rest came to an end when he saw the arrival of Detective Sue Lennard and Officer Andy Ricketsen. He had placed a call to Lennard an hour earlier, demanding that she and Ricketsen headed back to the station house for a briefing.

‘Where are the Fairmonts at this time?’ he asked as the two approached his desk.

Lennard answered, ‘Missy has gone shopping. I got the two protection duty officers to go plain clothes and escort her. Figured they’d be less obvious in civilian clothes. The husband is still at the house. He’s conducting business from home today, and he refused police protection. Said the wife was the one who needed it more.’

Hunt scratched his head. Lennard recognised it as an indicator that he was thinking. Ricketsen took the opportunity to jump in with the ideas that he and Lennard had been discussing.

‘Sue and I were kinda thinking that there’s something goin’ on with the husband. Think he might be involved with this stalker somehow.’

Hunt nodded. He was receptive to any theories that would assist him in solving the case.

‘Okay, why don’t you two check out life insurance policies on the wife, and any other financial arrangements that have been made? Find out what happens if she dies? What sort of money is involved? Is he the main financial partner in the marriage, or does she come with her own bank? In fact, go back to the beginning and turn over every stone in the lives of those two. I want to know everything we can find out about both of them. Andy, you can stay up here to do this. Set yourself up at Seaborn’s desk. I’ve arranged for you to have complete access to all of Seaborn’s records and files, there’s a password set up for you, get stuck into this now.’

Ricketsen didn’t waste a second, making his way as fast as he could to his late friend’s desk, and accessing the computer files that Seaborn had started to compile. Hunt watched him closely, admiring his work ethic.

‘He’ll make a good detective one day,’ he said to Lennard.

‘Yep,’ she replied. ‘Now, what are we up to?’

‘I want to toss some theories around with you about Seaborn’s murder and how it links in with this stalker thing.’

* * * * *

Hunt, Lennard, and Ricketsen had been hard at it for two hours when the call came in. Hunt’s brow furrowed, and he grunted almost inaudible replies. Hanging up the phone, Hunt looked between Lennard and Ricketsen.

‘Brian, what’s up?’ Lennard asked.

‘The wife and our boys just go back to the Fairmont home. William Fairmont has been murdered. Shot twice in the head.’

Lennard looked bitterly disappointed.

‘Damn it,’ Ricketsen said, ‘looks like it’s back to the drawing board for suspects.’

‘I was sure the husband was in on it,’ Lennard added. ‘Where to now?’

Before Hunt could answer, an out of breath officer bounded up the stairs and over to his desk.

‘Got those files you asked for, Detective,’ he gasped and gave a nod to Ricketsen.

‘Another theory I had, Sue. This might be the direction we need to go in. We’ll check it out, and then head over to the Fairmont residence. Crime scene are already on their way.’ Hunt handed Lennard and Ricketsen a file each, then opened his own. ‘What do you think about this for a suspect?’

. . . To be continued . . .

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