Tilt Shift – Part Five

Saturday 20 October 2012

It had been a difficult task getting Henry Chadwick out of the interview room and away from his young client, double murderer Cody Seaborn. The attorney was wily and knew every trick in the book. Expecting that Detective Sue Lennard would attempt to question Cody whilst Chadwick was absent, the attorney had forcefully reminded Lennard of his client’s Miranda rights, and the fact that Cody had invoked his right to legal representation. In order to keep the peace, Lennard nodded her response. Before Chadwick left to take the telephone call that Officer Andy Ricketsen had set up, he brusquely turned to his client, pointed a slender finger at him, and insisted, ‘Not a word, Mr. Seaborn. Got it? Not a single word in response to anything that this detective might ask you.’

Like Lennard, Cody nodded his understanding of Chadwick’s instruction, and then smiled half-heartedly as if his father had embarrassed him in front of a friend. When the attorney was out of the room, however, Seaborn’s manner and attitude changed. The half-hearted smile became a leer as he eyed the woman detective up and down. Unaware of the plans of her partner, Detective Brian Hunt, and the officer who had initially taken up the Fairmont stalking case, Andy Ricketsen, Lennard felt uncomfortable about being alone in the same room with the boy now. She had not seen this side of him during their earlier investigation, and the speed with which he alternated from poor, helpless, misled, and manipulated young man to sleazy, calculating predator disturbed her.

‘It’s just you and me now, sweetheart,’ he whispered to Lennard, turning his back on the mirror that he knew allowed other police to observe interviews in this room. Lennard used every ounce of her police training to remain calm. It wouldn’t help the police case if she attacked the suspect seemingly for no reason.

‘Between you and I, I think Missy is going down for this whole thing. I mean look at me, manipulated by an older woman into killing her rich husband, and murdering my own uncle in order to protect my identity. No jury will ever convict me of any of this, but greedy Missy Fairmont, on the other hand, she’s going to spend a long time in prison.’

Lennard was shocked by his candid implication. He was practically admitting to her that he’d been more involved in plotting the events that led up to this point. She raised her left hand and leaned her head on it. Anyone viewing the scene from the observation room would simply think that the detective was becoming weary and needed to rest her head. She spoke in a whisper, just as Cody had done.

‘It doesn’t matter how long it takes, we’ll get you.’

‘No, you won’t. Everything, literally everything points to Missy.’

He reached across the table and grabbed at Lennard’s wrist, squeezing it as hard as he could. Lennard could feel her wrist bones simultaneously separating in some areas and being crushed together in others. Pain shot up her arm and she struggled to break free of Seaborn’s grasp. Anticipating the detective’s next move, Cody released her wrist just as Lennard wrenched her arm backwards hoping to break free. The force sent her flying backwards, her head striking the floor.

Lithely, Cody shot up and out of his chair, slid across the table, and landed on his feet straddling the detective. He kneeled heavily on her chest, right hand wrapped around her throat. He slowly squeezed the flesh under his hand, and grinned as her face reddened. Lennard’s instincts and training kicked in and she struck out at his face with her right hand. There was a sickening liquid crunch of the cartilage snapping in his nose, and Cody rolled off her screaming like an animal.

‘You broke my nose, you fucking bitch,’ he screamed, his hands now cupping his face. His speech sounded thick because of the inflammation of his nasal passage, and a moderate flow of blood was covering his lower face, neck, and shirt. Before either Cody or Lennard had a chance to move, the door swung open narrowly missing Lennard’s head.

‘What the hell is going on in here?’ Detective Hunt yelled. Ricketsen had anticipated correctly.

Hunt leaned towards Lennard and pulled her to her feet. Chadwick burst into the room seconds after Lennard made it to a standing position. Seeing his client on the floor, blood all over him, he spoke without looking at the detectives.

‘My client needs medical assistance. Get the paramedics here immediately. I insist that he’s taken to a hospital to be checked out. After that, Detective Lennard, I’ll have your badge.’ He stood protectively between the detectives and Cody.

Timing his entrance perfectly, Officer Andy Ricketsen rushed into the room. Breathlessly he replied to Chadwick’s statement.

‘I think you’ll find that when you view the recording of the interview room once you left, Mr. Chadwick, you’ll find that it was your client who made the first move by assaulting Detective Lennard. You and your client don’t have a leg to stand on between you.’

Chadwick raised his hands to his face and shook his head.

‘You idiot. What have you done?’ he asked Cody.

. . . To be continued . . .

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