The Mortuary – Part 2/4

Saturday 11 – Friday 17 June 2011

Edwin stopped at a pub where he knew he’d find men and women eager to make an easy pound. The Cock and Bull was notorious for its seedy reputation, and even seedier patrons. It was not the sort of place that one would typically find Edwin Edwards. He cautiously stepped inside, expecting to find lower class workers drinking themselves stupid. Instead, he was greeted by a well-lit room that was almost empty. Looking at his watch, he gave himself an hour to find an assistant.

In his tailored, black suit, Edwin stood out from the regular patrons of the Cock and Bull, and it didn’t take long for a man, on his way to obliterating his sobriety, made his way over to the corner where Edwin had positioned himself.

‘Ooooh, who’s the pretty boy then?’ the almost-inebriated man asked. ‘Wass a toff like you doin’ over this side of town?’

Edwin barely looked up from his pint. ‘Looking for a suitable assistant for a venture that I am planning.’

The drunken local helped himself to the chair opposite Edwin.

‘Wass you have in mind?’ he could barely sit up.

‘Not you, my friend. So let me buy you another round to soften the let down.’

‘I’m not your friend,’ the drunk replied, ‘but I won’t turn down a drink.’ He turned and looked at the barman, signaling that he wished to have another pint.

‘It’s on me,’ Edwin called to the barman. ‘Now get the hell away from me, you filthy louse,’ he whispered to the drunk. Either too drunk or too stupid to take offence, the man got up and walked over to the bar to collect his pint. Edwin didn’t see him again.

After some time sitting alone, studying the patrons, Edwin set his eyes upon what was clearly a prostitute. He considered the statistics: she probably hadn’t spoken with her family in some time, she looked in need of quick cash, and he could convince her to go back to the mortuary. She seemed the perfect fit for him, and he set about attracting her attention in a way that didn’t attract the attention of the other people in the pub.

As it turned out, Lainey the working girl didn’t need much persuasion to join Edwin. A few drinks, the promise of cash, and she was ready to walk out of the pub with a complete stranger. Edwin thought that was a very suitable idea, and ushered Lainey to the door. No one noticed them leaving. No one actually cared.

It took Edwin a little over thirty minutes to get Lainey back to the mortuary, in the mildly inebriated state that she was in. Twice on the journey, he had to prop her up against a lamppost in order to regain his grip on her. Thankfully he thought, we look like any other amorous couple.

End of part 2.


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I like to write. What more is there to know?
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