Fifteen Minutes

Saturday 17 August 2013

If you’re a fan of reality TV shows, it’s probably best that you not read this post.

I have a confession to make: I’m one of the world’s few people who don’t get the point of reality television shows. Not a single one of them.

I don’t understand why anyone would want to expose him or herself and look like a complete tosser on Big Brother. I don’t know why you’d want to ‘find love’ on a TV show like The Bachelor, Please Marry My Boy, or The Farmer Wants A Wife. Can’t fathom the concept of wanting to be dumped off on some ‘deserted’ island or in some isolated part of the world in order to prove that you’re the biggest backstabbing survivor. Don’t get the point of wanting to be judged on one’s cooking, singing, dancing, modelling by judges, some of whom, set out to be as horrible as possible. Not sure what the point of watching the daily life of some K grade celebrity is. I could go on because there are so many ‘reality’ TV shows around these days, but you get the point. Hopefully.

Now, I understand that allegedly there is an audience out there for these types of shows, although I fail to see the entertainment value in them. But, as always, I have a theory about this.

Part one of the theory is that people these days are so absolutely desperate to be famous. Worse still, they don’t care what they’re famous for. In fact, I believe that some people don’t want to be famous for anything at all; they just have a desire to be famous. I know, that baffles me too. Whatever happened to getting an education and getting a real job? Nope, there are people in the world who believe that they can and should be famous . . . as if ‘being famous’ is actually a career. What the hell are we doing wrong in the ‘bringing these kids up’ department?

Part two of the theory is that other people are filthy, dirty voyeurs. Okay, maybe not all of the people who watch reality TV are filthy, dirty voyeurs, but some of them definitely are. The rest are most likely just plain ol’ garden-variety voyeurs. And I’m sure that a minimal number are just perverts, but that’s me digressing. Voyeurs, yep, that covers it. Why else would people tune in on a regular basis to watch people making fools of themselves?

However, in my mind, the worst group of people involved in all of this reality TV business are the creators and producers who come up with these brilliant ideas for shows. These people need to be vigorously and forcefully slapped upside the head for even contemplating the creation of these rubbish reality shows. Craftily, creators and producers have hit upon a recipe for success where reality shows are concerned. The world has a seemingly endless supply of people willing to watch the shows, and an equally endless supply of people desperate for their fifteen minutes of fame and fat prize cheque at the end of it all.

When archaeologists, anthropologists, and sociologists dig through the ruins of our civilisation and of humanity hundreds and thousands of years in the future, what will they think of us when they stumble across the culture and society of today, and our reality TV shows? I think they might wonder about exactly how intelligent we were.

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