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Wednesday 15 January 2014

I’ve got a birthday coming up, as my chiropractor so aptly described it, a ‘milestone’ birthday, and for about the last three or four weeks I haven’t really been that bothered about writing. To get me through my publication schedule, I’ve recycled a number of posts from years and blogs ago. I’ve been uninspired to write. I have been seated in front of Dysfunctional Mac, Word document open, and stared at the blinking cursor and the empty page. And I’ve blamed it all on the fact that I’ve got this birthday peeking its head from around the corner.

In reality, we all know that the impending birthday has nothing at all to do with the fact that I haven’t been able to whip up a blog post. In reality, I’m sure we’re all adult enough to call it for what it really is . . . I’ve. Got. Nothing. No, it’s not writer’s block. It’s I-can’t-be-bothered block which, I think, is completely different from writer’s block. I think in writer’s block, you just can’t start, you can’t come up with anything good, you desperately try to write but nothing of any substance issues forth. In I-can’t-be-bothered block, well, it’s simply fair to say that I really can’t be bothered. I don’t think that I’m even trying to come up with anything. Not really trying. Not really focussing on the stories that I might want to tell. Nope, just, y’know, can’t be bothered. There’s inspiration all around me, I’m sure of that. However, I don’t particularly want to look for it, or at it, or listen to it.

Maybe it’s a break that I need? I know, I know . . . you’re saying ‘But you’re on school holidays! You don’t have to go in to work. Why the hell haven’t you been productively spending that time writing, you fool?’ And I’d reply: ‘Can’t be bothered.’ The days have been disappearing before I’ve even realised that they’re gone. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not blaming the holidays. I LOVE the holidays, and I think I should be on them for a longer period of time (but that’s only going to happen if I win the lottery). I’m just running out of time to do what I want. And who is saying that I’m running out of time? Well, me, of course. Who else would tell me that? The break that I was referring to in the first sentence of this paragraph though was a break from writing.

I’ve got a few ideas tucked away, but the thought of actually beginning them is . . . well, it’s meh. They’re going to take a bit of work to twist them to where I want the story to be, and at the moment, that seems a lil like hard work, especially because I know how they should start, but I’m not sure where they’re going. Normally, I have a pretty clear idea of how a story is going to end. If I’m lucky, I’ll also have a starting point, and it’s only the middle that needs the real work done to it.

I’ve considered changing tack, going with a different genre, trying my hand at writing pieces in genres that I’m not necessarily comfortable with. However, I’ve got no idea, and when I say that, I really mean that I have no ideas for stories, not that I’m a brainless twit. Yeah, I knew what you were thinking when you read that I had no idea. I’m on to you.

And look at this. Before you knew it, you’ve read six hundred and fifteen of my words that say nothing at all. Bit like an episode of Seinfeld, only nowhere near as funny. Although, truth be told, I never did find Seinfeld funny . . . irritating and annoying, yes, but never funny. That’s a whole other post though. However, if anyone can explain to me how Seinfeld was funny, I’d appreciate that.

Look at me here, rambling away while I have two perfectly good Glass Tiger albums on my iPod to listen to. Yeah, I said it: Glass. Tiger. They rocked they 80s, and you can’t deny that, except if you’ve never heard of the band. And if that’s you, get on iTunes now and download Glass Tiger’s first two albums, ‘Thin Red Line’ and ‘Diamond Sun’. You won’t regret it. Okay, fine, you probably will regret it. Can I help that I had an 80s flashback to a Glass Tiger song earlier this week and simply had to get my hands on those two albums? No, I can’t. These things come in retrospective and nostalgia-filled moments, and I am getting old so back off the judgement train, people!

Damn, I’ve worn myself out with that lil Glass Tiger outburst. Think I better take a lie down. This getting older thing is hard to work with.

Let me know what you do when you’re having a ‘can’t write anything moment’ or any old music that you listened to as a youngster and you’ve recently ‘rediscovered’. Comment in the reply section below, and I promise not to judge you regarding the music. 😉

**This post was brought to you because Danielle couldn’t come up with any better ideas to write a post about, and she just HAD to slip in somewhere that she’s had Glass Tiger on repeat for the last few days. Proof that the 80s were rubbish? Possibly.**


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2 Responses to All Write Now

  1. Karen Ranzenbach says:

    Okay, with me you are talking OLDER! I have no pity for you youngun. My long ago music is, and always will be close to my heart… Elvis, Paul Anka..The theme from Danial Boone 🙂 I love music, I can get lost in it. I can also get lost in a good book, or a blog written by a fabulous writer…That would be you!

    I don’t write, but I’ve had times when I just don’t want to do what I need to do. I think I go on strike for a bit. Some things I go back to with gusto, some things I just never have a heart for again. I think it’s usually something that I once loved with a passion and became obsessive about; ate, slept and dreamed about. In essence, wore the goodness out of it. My husband says I have the window all the way open or all the way closed. Well, If I hold the window open long enough after I’ve closed it I can’t seem to open it again. I have a number of things I’ve done that with..My business and school are two examples.

    After reading your blogs I don’t think this is your problem. You still have that passion. But, maybe a break is exactly what you need. Don’t question it! Rest and have a cookie! I’ll be looking forward to your blogs.

  2. I recently broke a ‘block’ with a new desk chair, shifting all the study furniture into a new position, 2 bottles of Shiraz, a random 4 hour return drive with loud tunes and a squadge of reading. I also gave up my arvo nap. How I’m functioning without it is nothing short of a miracle.
    The music in the study is always a movie score of some sort – nerd juice for my nerd noodles!

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