Untouchable – Part Six

Sunday 16 – Monday 17 February 2014

Having been raised by his grandparents after the tragic dead of both of his parents, Henry Jones always referred to Oklahoma as his home. New York, however, had grown on him over the last twelve years. It didn’t have quite the same homely feel to him as Oklahoma did, but there was a certain mystique to the Big Apple that held Henry’s fascination enough for him to consider making the city the place where he raised a family. It was a city that was alive, and full of life, colours, sounds, and smells.

His loft apartment was in a sought after part of the city, not normally a place where Henry would feel comfortable, but working for Robert Carter afforded Henry the luxuries in life that neither his parents nor grandparents would ever have been able to experience. It was, he thought, the only upside to being one of Carter’s minions, and he intended to milk it for all it was worth. He relaxed on the sofa, and looked out of the floor to ceiling windows to the city below. Like Mike Albright, watching the world go by helped Henry release the stress of the day, and where working for Robert Carter was concerned, there was always a lot of stress.

Some days it pained Henry to be employed by Robert Carter. The man had no morals, no sense of empathy, or compassion, just a sense of entitlement, and an intense drive to get exactly what he wanted. Carter mowed down whoever stood in his way, and he cared little if it were an adult or a child. Anyone employed by Carter had to have the same attitude as him, otherwise working for Carter was completely unbearable.

Just to get through each day, Henry forced himself to think often of his parents to remind himself why he had chosen to work for Carter. At times it was difficult to go through with the jobs that Carter set him, but it was important for Carter to know that Henry was utterly trustworthy if things were to work out in Henry’s favour. He thought about his parents now as he looked out over the city. He didn’t really remember them, but photographs and the stories that his grandparents had passed on about his folks were the memories that Henry could cling to.

The unexpected chime of the doorbell drew Henry’s attention back to the present. He lifted himself off of the sofa with grace that seemed unnatural for a man his size, and sauntered over to the door. Despite the nature of his work with Carter, Henry wasn’t one to use the peephole to see who was outside, instead choosing to swing the door wide open, his body taking up the majority of the width of the doorway. When he saw who it was, Henry stepped aside and allowed his visitor to enter his home.

‘Hey, Henry,’ Adelaide Danvers said quietly.

‘Rough day?’

‘No more than usual.’

‘Take a seat. You want a coffee or something stronger?’ Henry asked.

‘I’d love something stronger, but I’m driving so coffee would be great. Thank you,’ she replied.

Henry set about making Adelaide a coffee, strong, black, and overly sweet, just as she always had it. Their conversation ceased until Henry had made the coffee, and brought it to her. She didn’t wait for the coffee to cool down any before sipping from the cup. The aroma of the brew was too enticing, and the events of her day needed to be wiped as quickly as possible from her mind.

‘So,’ Henry said, ‘what can I do for you?’

Adelaide wrapped both hands around the hot coffee cup, and sighed. She hated using people who weren’t trained investigators with the Department of Justice, but Henry was too good not to utilise. He had Carter’s confidence and trust, he had the run of most of the company, and could access any office in the Carter Industries’ building without question. Henry Jones was the perfect inside man.

‘I assume that the arrival of Harper Cahill has ticked off Carter?’

‘Yeah, I guess you could say that. She certainly made her mark,’ Henry replied.

‘Has he indicated what he wants done about her? I mean, she doesn’t come across as the sort of person who will just quietly go away.’

‘No, she doesn’t.’

‘Have you heard anything about how Carter might deal with her?’ She nervously sipped at her coffee knowing that when Robert Carter set his sights on someone, it generally never ended well.

‘I’m not entirely sure what he’s got planned, but he has Mike Albright compiling a file about her. I was speaking with Mike today, and he’s asked me to help him out. Apparently, we’re going to be doing a bit of dirt digging on her tomorrow.’

‘You’ll keep me informed, won’t you?’ Adelaide asked.

‘You know I will.’

‘Just out of curiosity, Henry, what made you think to give her my card?’

Henry shrugged his shoulders. It wasn’t something that he had considered.

‘Other than the fact that I want to see Robert Carter pay for everything that he has done?’

Adelaide nodded.

‘I don’t really know. She seemed like a strong woman. I guess I figured that she might be someone who would be prepared to go all the way to bring Carter down.’

‘I think you’re right about that, Henry. I think Harper Cahill might just be the person we’ve been after to help us take him down once and for all.’

. . . To be continued . . .


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