Untouchable – Part Eleven

Monday 24 – Wednesday 26 February 2014

Adelaide’s usually quiet office was crammed full of colleagues from the Department of Justice, two uniformed police officers, Detective Gordon and his young female partner, and the four F.B.I. agents that had been engaged to provide a level of security to Adelaide that her own department couldn’t. It bothered her to have lost the serenity that she loved so much about working in this building.

‘With Mike Albright dead, and Henry Jones out of the picture because he’s being questioned by the cops, I’d assume that Carter will be a little worried that it’s all going to draw attention to Carter Industries. Won’t he be pissed off?’

Adelaide shrugged, and shook her head.

‘To be honest, Walt, I doubt it. He wanted to get rid of Mike, and he’s got exactly what he wanted. As for Henry, he’ll see if Henry opens his mouth for any sort of a deal. Either way, Henry’s time is limited. Carter will have him killed as well.’

Despite being her boss, Walter North was happy to defer to Adelaide where issues of her father were concerned. He saw it as utilising his assets to the best of their ability.

‘What do you suggest is our next move then, Danvers?’ he asked her.

She’d anticipated the question, and responded quickly. ‘We’ve got enough information from Henry to push forward with the prosecution, and with everything that Albright gave us, I think we can make it stick.’

‘Okay, then let us get on with this,’ North replied.

Adelaide nodded to the F.B.I. agent who had been working closely with her. Expressionless, and with an economy of movement that neither Danvers nor North were used to seeing, he crossed the room in a few steps, opened the door to Danvers’ waiting room, and signalled for whoever was sitting outside to come in. Henry entered the office flanked by two more uniformed police officers, and sat in the chair directly opposite Adelaide. She smiled warmly at him, and then turned her attention to the officers who had accompanied him.

‘Take the cuffs off of Mr. Jones, please. He’s hardly a threat here.’

The officer on Henry’s right hesitated, unsure if it was a wise move to remove the cuffs from a suspected murderer. Adelaide’s expression urged the officer to hurry up. He sighed in protest but unlocked the cuffs from around Henry’s wrists, and returned the metal bracelets to the holder on the back of his belt.

North looked at his watch.

‘Still waiting for that call, Walter?’ Adelaide asked of her boss.

‘Yes,’ he replied ‘I’ll give him another couple of minutes before I call him. And then I’ll hand him his ass on a platter.’ His toothy grin instantly reminded Adelaide of the sharks she had seen in documentaries that showed how the ruthless predator attacked its prey. She almost felt sorry for the junior who had been delegated the investigation task. If they failed to call North within the next minute, their life wouldn’t be worth living. He was a hard boss, and more than once, Danvers had been on the end of one of North’s outbursts. She turned her attention away from North, and on to Detective Gordon.

‘Detective, I fear that we, the Department of Justice, have colluded with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to mislead you somewhat.’

Gordon frowned, assuming he was about to be made a fool of. He grunted unhappily.

‘You see, Mr. Jones here didn’t really kill Mike Albright,’ Adelaide continued. ‘Albright is alive and well, and in the protective joint custody of the Department of Justice, and the F.B.I. And we’re about to take Mr. Jones off of your hands as well.’

‘I don’t understand. What are you talking about?’ Gordon’s frown gave way to obvious worry.

The door of Danvers’ office swung open, missing an F.B.I. agent by mere centimetres. He stepped to his right to allow two more people to enter.

‘What the hell is this?’ Gordon shouted as a young colleague Adelaide knew as Piotryvich escorted Mike Albright into the office. North shot him a look, and Piotryvich misinterpreted it completely, believing that his boss wanted to know the result of his investigation.

‘Mr. Albright was correct with the information he gave to us, sir,’ Piotryvich blurted out unaware that everyone in the room was watching him.

‘Doesn’t really have great interpretation or communication skills, does he?’ Danvers whispered to North. He tried to stifle a laugh but it resulted in a loud snort, which then sent Danvers into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

‘I’m so sorry. That was completely inappropriate,’ she offered in between laughs. ‘We should get back to the reason for this meeting.’

She wiped tears from her eyes, and then dropped the bombshell.

‘Detective William Jack Gordon, you’re under arrest . . .’

. . . To be continued . . .

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