Leave Well Enough Alone . . .

Sunday 30 March 2014

There are a lot of things that I simply don’t understand about the world. Like . . . politicians and their propensity to sling sh!t during parliamentary sittings and election campaigns, and their inability to deliver on the election promises that they make. Like wearing socks and sandals. Like people who don’t enjoy chocolate. Like people who don’t like the beach in winter. Like Keeping Up With The Kardashians . . . actually, anything to do with the Kardashians. Something else that I haven’t ever really fully understood is a relatively common event: the school reunion. And I bring this up because last night was my high school reunion.

Before anyone asks, no, I was not in attendance. Didn’t you read my introductory paragraph? I just wrote that I don’t fully understand them! Geez, get with the programme here, people. And yes, of course I’m about to go on and explain, because if I didn’t, there’d be no point to this post. Not that there’s necessarily a point to this post anyway. 😉

Where school reunions are concerned, it’s my belief that the first one traditionally occurs around about the twenty years since graduation mark. My crew, and I use the term ‘my crew’ loosely, had, I think, two previous reunions that weren’t allegedly as successful as last night’s one. Why do I say allegedly? Not to insult the ladies who organised the reunion, but because I wasn’t there to see how successful it was. However, judging by the Facebook posts, many, many people attended, and had a fantastic and fun time. So, big kudos to the three ladies who took on the epic task of getting everyone together. Anyway, my point here is that it has been about twenty three years since we graduated, and my slight obsessive compulsive nature is that it was three years too late for tradition. At least one other attempt to organise the reunion for our twentieth year occurred, but it never went ahead. Again, I look to the organisational skills of the three ladies who set this reunion in motion, and to them I say: You did exceptionally well getting so many people from our past in the same place, at the same time.

But now I journey to why I don’t understand the point of a school reunion, and remember, as with any other post on my blog, these opinions are mine. I’m not asking you to accept my view, just that I have a right to have these opinions. And if you can’t, the solution is simple: don’t read my post. 😉

So, school . . . I quite liked school. I enjoyed the subjects that I studied. Mostly. Except for maths. I hated maths. Not the teachers, but the subject. However, whilst it’s fair to say that I enjoyed school, I didn’t enjoy being with some of those people. Now, that’s not an uncommon thing to say, I’d imagine. And I’m sure that other people would have had worse times with the people they went to school with than I ever did. In all fairness, I have to say that I had great friends at school, but the people who decided that I was an easy target for them to unleash their insults and bullying on were never going to be on my Christmas card list. And, to be brutally honest, there are a few of them who, if I can coin a great Aussie phrase, I wouldn’t p!ss on if they were on fire.

It should be no surprise then, that as an adult, I really don’t want to spend any time or energy on the very people who made me squirm, and treated me like sh!t when we were at school. Hence, my decision not to attend any school reunion. Frankly, I don’t see the point in making small talk with people who didn’t like me, and who I, more than likely in return, despised. And judging by some of the photos that were posted, there definitely were a number of people at the reunion who treated me like sh!t. I have no inclination whatsoever to learn about the lives of these people. I have no interest in gossiping about them or sizing up how much weight they’ve put on in the last twenty three years. I don’t want to compete with them in terms of who has the better life, and I certainly don’t want to know about their booger eaters, jobs, holidays/holiday homes, spouses, etc.

My time and energy is valuable to me, and I want to give it to the people who have treated me well.

I know, I know . . . you’re probably thinking that I should let bygones be bygones. Well, I pretty much have, and that’s why I choose not to attend school reunions. I don’t wish to relive the humiliation that I felt at high school because some people thought they had a right to treat me poorly. And in terms of the people I considered friends, I still keep in touch with those who want to remain in touch, and with whom I wish to remain in touch. However, I have new friends . . . people whom I’ve met now that I’m in adulthood, and they’re people who treat me well. They don’t judge me because I like books, or learning, or a certain type of music, or on things that are important to me, instead, they choose to introduce me to the things that are important and meaningful to them.

Many people would probably say that I’m missing out by not having attended the reunion. I would say to those people, if my classmates really wanted to find out about me, I’m sure they would have discovered me online or around the place somewhere within the last twenty three years. But most of them haven’t, and to me, that’s telling. I’m at no loss here. I have some very dear friends, and that’s more than most people can say.


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