Good Ink And Cash . . .

Thursday 3 July 2014

Yeeeeeeaaaahh, okay . . . so I’ve bagged out reality TV shows more than once. I’ve told you all how much I hate reality TV crap, so it’ll probably surprise you to learn that there are actually three shows that I do enjoy watching. They’re not reality shows like Big Brother, or The X Factor, or Australia’s Got Talent, House Rules, My Kitchen Rules – y’know, all those ones that I loathe so, sooooooo much. My kinda reality shows are a little like short documentaries of a sort.

My first guilty reality show pleasures are Tattoo Nightmares and Bad Ink. It’s not so much the stories behind the bad tattoos in the show that I like. Nope, it’s that artwork. Let me clarify that statement – I love the artwork that the cover-up artists create, not the crap that the people want to get covered up. The tattooists on these shows are talented and brilliant.

It’s no secret that I am partial to tattoos, having a couple myself and, of course, desiring a couple more. So, I guess these two shows were bound to hit the mark for me. However, I can’t fully describe the brilliance of the artists on these shows. The best that I can do is recommend that you watch a few episodes of each, and check out the artwork for yourself, because honestly, the tattoos are more artwork that tattoo. Mind you, anyone with a great tattoo will tell you that you really do need to have a tattooist who is an out-and-out artist. You don’t want some schmuck inking you because those suckers are for life!

My second guilty reality show pleasure is Hardcore Pawn. The first time I viewed the show, my mama asked me what I was watching, and I told her the name of the show. You can imagine her shock, surprise, disgust when I said I was watching Hardcore Pawn.

‘You’re watching what?’

Hardcore Pawn. It’s a new show on telly.’

‘I’m sorry . . . tell me again what you’re watching.’

Hardcore Pawn. It’s about the comings and goings of a pawn store in Detroit.’

You could feel the relief in the air. It really was tangible.

‘Oh my God, I thought you were actually watching P-O-R-N, not P-A-W-N.’

I have to admit that with Hardcore Pawn it’s definitely the people I get a kick out of watching. Some of those folks who go in seeking financial assistance from Les, Ashley and Seth are absolute cards. Others are a lil deluded about how much their items are really worth, or what they expect to have loaned to them. Some though, just need a good smack in the face.

I mustn’t overlook Les, Ashley and Seth. The sibling rivalry between Ashley and Seth is intense. When those two have a fight, they really go for the throat. And then there are the employees of the stores, some of whom also need a smack in the face for their laziness and/or stupidity, but not nearly as much as some of the clients.

What I also like about these shows is that they don’t really feel scripted, unlike any other reality show one might watch. I have no doubt that they are more scripted than off-the-cuff, they simply don’t have that feel about them. They’re also not about voting someone off, or who has the most ‘talent’, or manufactured singers/chefs/renovators.

However, at the end of the day I still greatly prefer quality TV shows that have strong plots and talented actors. Give me a CSI, Criminal Minds, A Place To Call Home, The Moodys, The Big Bang Theory, Miss Marple, Poirot, or Doctor Who over a reality show any day.


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