Just An Inkling . . .

Thursday 18 September 2014

I posted recently about my guilty pleasures where TV shows are concerned. Again, I state that reality TV isn’t my thing, however, I am a fan of Hardcore Pawn, Tattoo Nightmares, and Bad Ink. Recently two new shows have come to my attention – Beverly Hills Pawn and Ink Master.

I’ve rather enjoyed the antics of Yossi Dina and his staff on Beverly Hills Pawn, and I really enjoy seeing what the folks of upmarket L.A. try to palm off on to the pawnbrokers. There are some incredible movie props and costumes that collectors are eager to sell. And the jewellery? Holy moly! They’re getting big bucks for that stuff. $US 130 000 for a pair of earrings! A handbag sold for $US 65 000 . . . a handbag! Who spends that much on a handbag? On any bag for that matter?

But this is not what has irritated me. No, that honour goes to Ink Master. Ordinarily I’d be eager to sit down and watch a show where people are getting inked, but Ink Master is butt-clenching for me to view. And probably not for the reasons that you might think. A couple of things really sh!t me about this show, and the first is the attitudes of some of the artists.

I’m a fan of Tommy Helm’s Tattoo Nightmares, but I was unaware that his show was a result of coming runner-up in Ink Master season one. So to see him in this show was a lil bit of a surprise for me. I’ve only ever been aware of Tommy as an excellent artist and tattooist who fixes other artists’ crap work. The other artists on Ink Master were all new to me, and most of them had really sh!tty attitudes.

The eventual winner of series one had an ego the size of Texas (where everything is bigger according to Texans). He was arrogant, spent a lot of time insulting the other artists on the show, and frequently disagreed with the judges critiquing his work, coming up with excuse after excuse when something negative was said. The guy stuck with what he was good at rather than what was asked of him in every challenge. Okay, fine, there was $US 100 000 at stake, but there was no need to be a wanker about competing. What happened to being a gracious competitor? You can go for gold and still be humble and modest. And of course I know that this allegedly makes for ‘good’ television. Every story needs to have conflict; every story needs a bad guy. I get it, but there’s ‘bad guy’ and then there’s utter sh!thead. Plus, I guess Tommy has a more pleasing face to me. He’s open, smiles a fair bit, has a lightness about him, rarely frowned, and he was a very gracious runner-up. I dig Tommy. I like the guy.

As for the judges. Oh boy. Where to go with them? Two had a fair amount of credibility for me because they were pretty well known and respected tattoo artists – Oliver Peck and Chris Núñez. Aside from Peck constant gnawing on a toothpick, they were okay . . . until I read that a former PA from the production company had sued both artists. Turns out these ‘men’ were allegedly engaging in acts of sexual harassment and, as a result of the production company being unsure of how to deal with the PA’s accusations, the victim allegedly had her employment terminated. Allegedly . . . because you have to say that when accusations and charges are being heard in the legal sense.

The show’s host, however, is a different thing for me. Dave Navarro is an accomplished musician who was a founding member of Jane’s Addiction, and has been involved with bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Camp Freddy, The Panic Channel, and Spirits in the Sky. He’s been a busy boy where his music career is concerned, and more power to him for kicking musical a$$. But the host and a judge in a tattoo competition? Sorry, what qualifications does he have to ‘professionally’ judge professional tattoo artists and their work? The fact that he has tattoos? If that’s the criteria for the third judge, then hell, I could be the host and judge of the show. I kinda feel that Navarro’s position as a judge is akin to me judging the Archibald Prize. I like art, therefore, I would be a suitable judge. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. The show would have been more credible and less butt-clenching to watch for me if the host and third judge had been another professional tattoo artist. But again, Navarro was clearly chosen for the entertainment factor.

Where does all of this lead me? Well, I won’t be watching any further series of Ink Master. (Yeah, yeah, American readers, I know we here in Aussieland are many, many series behind in this show, but that’s beyond my control. 😉 ) I’d rather kick back and binge watch zombie movies . . . and we all know how I feel about zombies.

Now that I’ve got that outta my system, I wonder how I can get a tattoo done by Tommy Helm?

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