In The Footsteps Of The Gods . . .

Thursday 9 October 2014

Santorini - ©Danielle Monique

Santorini – ©Danielle Monique

*All photographs and photo sets displayed or mentioned in this post are the property of Danielle Monique. Photographs and photo sets may not be used without express written permission/consent from Danielle Monique*

I’ve been dancing around this post since I returned home from my five week Grecian Odyssey, and it’s been a difficult post to try and write for one big reason: how do I describe just how stunning Greece is? From what I saw and experienced, and what is going around in my head, I’m not convinced that I can cover it quite as well as I want. At the moment, this post is the best that I can do in discussing my five weeks in Greece.

The catalyst for the Greek getaway, aside from wanting to see Greece, was to visit with a friend and her family, so I figured that I would make a real getaway of it, and see as much of the country as I could. My time was broken up by a couple of weeks in Athens which, in turn, were split into a few days at the beginning and between my two major excursions, and a week at the end of my holiday. In the middle, I spent six days travelling around the mainland, and a further sixteen days covered the time that I had on five of the Greek Islands. I visited major archaeological sites, museums, agoras, boutique businesses, beaches, restaurants, and souvenir stores. And I had an absolutely amazing time. ← Yep, that statement requires its own stand-alone sentence because that’s how awesome (I know that is an overused word, however, it is fitting in this respect) it is to spend time in Greece.

The Parthenon - ©Danielle Monique

The Parthenon – ©Danielle Monique

People frequently ask me what I’d consider as my favourite part of Greece, and that’s as difficult to answer as this post is to write. Every region of Greece is stunning, a word that I’m sure anyone who spoke to me in Greece is sick of hearing coming from my mouth. If I were pressed to state my favourite, I’d have to say Santorini . . . or Epidavros . . . or Delphi . . . or Naxos . . . or the Parthenon . . . or Meteora and the monasteries . . . or Aristotle’s school at Naoussa . . . or Thessaloniki . . . or Amorgos . . . or Mount Olympus . . . or the Palace of Philip II at Aigai . . . nope, can’t narrow it down to one place. However, that being said, Santorini exceeded any expectations that I had of the island. The theatre at Epidavros, the Parthenon, and the Temple of Apollo at Delphi were specific archaeological sites that I was determined to visit and they were beautiful, just stunningly beautiful.

Mykonos - ©Danielle Monique

Mykonos – ©Danielle Monique

Many people have bad experiences with taxi drivers whilst visiting other countries, just as they’ve had bad experiences with being ripped off by shop and stall owners, and falling prey to pickpockets. My biggest concern in Greece revolved around whether or not I should have moussaka for lunch, dinner, or both. Never once did I feel as though I should be concerned for my safety. For me, every day of my five weeks was a completely positive experience and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat – as evidenced by the 735 photos, nine panoramic photos, and four videos that I took.

It’s an incredibly thrilling experience to be in a country where the history and culture of that nation is older than European civilisation in my own country. I loved that about Ireland when I visited many, many years ago, and I loved that about Greece too. Then again, I am a fan of ancient history . . . and culture . . . and mythology. Greece has plenty of all three. You can fairly assume then that I was in my element when I hit up all of those archaeological sites and museums. Oh. My. Good. Lord. There may have been a few lil teary moments at the sites when I was overwhelmed with the whole ancient history and culture of Greece.

Meteora Monasteries - ©Danielle Monique

Meteora monasteries – ©Danielle Monique

Greece is stunning. Stunning, stunning, stunning. Go. See the sights and sites. Be prepared to have your mind blown by the wonders that you’ll see. If you go in the Grecian summer, be prepared to get hot and sweaty. I’m really not fond of summer, in fact, I don’t like it at all, so visiting Greece in summer? I loved it. I was prepared for the heat. I was prepared to be wandering around sites getting sweaty, and I most certainly did. And I loved every second of it. Loved it.

If you’d like to check out some of the photos that I took whilst in Greece, click the name of the region below and you’ll be directed to photo sets on my Tumblr account, Grape Cola. And if the photo sets aren’t enough, go to Greece and walk in the footsteps of the Gods.

Temple of Olympian Zeus & Hadrian’s Gate (Athens)

Santorini (Cyclades)

Paros, Amorgos & Naxos (Cyclades)

Mykonos (Cyclades)

Acropolis (Athens)

Edessa, Naoussa & Thermopylae

Kalambaka & Meteora



Epidavros & Mycenae

An Archway On Amorgos - ©Danielle Monique

An archway on Amorgos – ©Danielle Monique

the Parthenon #2 - ©Danielle Monique

The Parthenon #2 – ©Danielle Monique


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