Oh, Look At That. A Notebook . . .

Tuesday 21 October 2014

I mean, another notebook . . . or two. Yep, I’ve gone and done it again. An out-of-town shopping expedition for plants for mama’s garden turned into a side excursion to an art supply store. It was just for a look. Really. It was. And then I saw that the store had restocked a particular type of notebook that I enjoy using. It’s more of a sketchbook, but it’s bound in a hard cover, and it’s cool. Well, I think it’s cool. So I bought two.

I already have one in use but, there’s always a ‘but’, I’ve put that one aside because after I began using it, I decided that I didn’t want to use it in the manner that I’d started. Less than a dozen pages were used, so I put it away for continuation at some other point in time. Like when I decide that I want to use it in the manner in which I began using it. Hey, it makes sense to me, and probably to anyone else with mild OCD or a serious case of perfectionism at the least.

My love of stationery has already been covered in a previous post, and if you’re a Regular Reader you’ll be aware of how much I love it. You’ll possibly also realise that this means that I have quite a few notebooks that are, at this point, unused. Fear not, at some point they will all be utilised. It’s just a thing that I have that when I see stationery that I like, I’ve got to have it, whether I need it or not. Did I mention at any point in any other post that I made a recent trip to Smiggle and picked up a whole bundle of cool scented pens and highlighters? No? I did, and that’s more stationery that I don’t actually need.

As per my usual routine when I begin using a new book, my nice black, hard cover, sketchbook style notebook has my name in it, and that’s as far as I’ve got in the whole ‘using it the way I want’ thing. I have all good intentions of writing stuff in it because I’m certainly not particularly adept at drawing or sketching. What I plan on writing, well, I’ve no idea yet. Maybe ideas for posts or novels or stuff. But one day, it will be filled with . . . stuff.

There are people in the world who will totally understand what I’m writing about, mainly because they’re either stationery fanatics, or they’re OCD sufferers. Then there are a great chunk of you who are regretting having taken the time to read this post because you find it droll, boring, inane, or you have no understanding of stationery fanatics or mild OCD stuff. It’s a habit, you know? The purchase of stationery that you probably don’t need. It’s almost an addiction. A strange one, I admit, but at least it’s not the sort of addiction that hurts anyone. I know there are some teachers out there who get what I mean.

However, the best part about this post is the fact that I’ve actually written something for my blog that just happened to flow without me having to push and shove it through my brain. Admittedly it has taken all night for that to happen, and I’m now into tomorrow, but I got there in the end.

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