You’re Telling Me That There Are People Who Don’t?

Saturday 1 November 2014

December is fast coming around, which means that Christmas is very nearly here. And I love Christmas. By ‘love’ I mean LOVE Christmas. Yep, my feelings towards Christmas are italics, bold, and underline-worthy. I love the whole Christmas season – the gatherings, the food, the spirit of the season, the festivities. The whole lot. I even love shopping for Christmas gifts. Boy, do I love shopping for gifts!

Up until last year, it had been quite a few years since we had put up and decorated the tree. Our tree was positively ancient, dating back to when I was a lil kid, and we desperately needed a new one, and new decorations. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer and insisted that we go shopping for a Christmas tree and decorations that were ours. Things that had no history to them, that weren’t tainted with the ghosts of Christmases past. So, mama and I set out on our quest to find the perfect tree and decorations.

It took us, well me, all of two minutes to find that perfect tree that screamed us . . . well, me. A humungous, nearly seven feet tall, black fir tree. If that doesn’t scream me, I don’t know what would. To adorn our tree, we now have what seems like millions of new decorations and ornaments, in modern, bright colours, and also traditional Christmassy colours. Against the black of the tree, any and every decoration is radiant . . . and shiny . . . and sparkly. Just how a Christmas tree should be.

Last year, we went with lots of gorgeous colours with our tree decorations. We happened upon some matryoshka tree ornaments, and they were the focal point of last year’s decorations. They were perfect for us because of our Ukrainian heritage. This year, I’m going predominantly with shades of blue, simply because whilst on Santorini, I managed to purchase a gorgeous lil tree ornament of the famous blue domed church in Oia. It’s freakin’ fantastic.

I get really excited around Christmas. Aside from my birthday (obviously!!), it’s my favourite time of year, as if you couldn’t tell. As such, I really don’t understand why people don’t enjoy the festive season.

Okay, fine, I understand if you’ve had a relative or friend pass away around that time of year, or if it’s your first Christmas alone. Yep, that would make Christmas suck. But I don’t understand people who have family and friends, possibly lil kids (because don’t they just make Christmas for you?), who hate the season. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate that time of year. God knows, I’m not religious – and yes, I see the irony in the wording of that particular statement. And if it’s the preparation that you don’t like, get it done early so that Christmas day is organised and you can relax. Complete the preparations in advance. We do, and I’ll tell you, it sure as sh!t makes the day so much easier.

I see Christmas as a fundamentally fabulous time of year, and I always have. Loved it as a kid, loved it as a teen, love it as an adult. It has never mattered what other cr@p has been happening with and in our family over the years, mama and I have always had the best time of year at Christmas.

About five or six years ago, mama got word that on Boxing Day we had to get her to the city for a second round of radiation treatment for breast cancer. We still had one of our best Christmas Days ever. And if we could do that, then all of you miserable gits out there who don’t like Christmas can sacrifice your misery for one day of the year in order to make the festive season special for the rest of your friends and family. It might be the last one you have with them. Think about that!


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