Time Out, Please . . .

Monday 26 January 2015

Oh boy, where to start? It seems to me as if something has happened with the world, and the sh!t is rising to the top. Not the cream. No, the cream has probably curdled under all the sh!t. And don’t worry, I put my hand up to being a perpetrator of sh!t. We all are at some point. It’s practically inevitable that, at some point, we contribute to the great sh!t pile of the world. Have you figured out yet that this is going to be a bit of a ranty post? Yes, of course you did. You’re intelligent, and savvy. You pick up those subtle hints like a magpie picks up sparkly things.

Now, it may be due to the fact that I’m no longer on anti-depressant medication, or it could simply be due to the fact that people are dicks, but a whole heap of stuff in my Social Media streams is ticking me off. Like I wrote in the paragraph above, I am not immune from contributing to the sh!t that clogs up the world; no one is. Just want to keep making that point clear, lest anyone mark me as a hypocrite. Back on point – maybe it’s the fact that Christmas and New Year have reared their heads up again, but damn, you people out there in Internet-land are morose, or bigoted, or sucking up for sympathy, or attention whores, or braggers and boasters . . . I could go on, but you get this point too. Yep, another sparkly subtle hint thingy.

I’ve logged in to Facebook, and perused my stream, posted a few things. Y’know, the regular Facebook thing that lots of us do. However, I find I’m inclined to spend less and less time looking at what is being posted in my newsfeed unless it’s come from family or dear, close, capital F Friends. There’s just too much drama out there for me to deal with on a daily basis. And when I refer to drama, I don’t mean the Shakespeare variety, or the contemporary theatre variety, I mean the kind of drama that just grates on your nerves – the stuff where person A is in a sh!tty with person B so instead of talking to each other about it in person (or not talking to each other at all), person A posts cr@p all over Facebook or Twitter about the fight that’s just literally ripping out their heart because they’ve been friends since grade two. That sort of drama.

And the attention whores. Oh, how I’ve had enough of these. There is a reason why we call it a personal or a private life, and that’s because you’re supposed to keep some sh!t to yourself. And if it’s at such a point that you need to be talking about it all over the Internet, might I suggest that you get yourself to a counsellor, therapist, doctor, or mental health professional. Dirty laundry + Internet = sh!t nobody wants to read unless you’re a celebrity. Chances are, you are not a celebrity and, therefore, we do not wish to read about your constantly sh!tty life. That’s not to say that once in a while you can’t go ahead and post about how sh!tty your day was. Once in a while is okay. Every day is not okay. I refer back to sentence number four of this paragraph – get yourself a therapist. It’s safe to say that almost all of us have issues to deal with in our lives, and perhaps they are indeed far worse than what you might currently be considering a big issue in your life. Have some f*cking decorum, and don’t burden others with your sh!t. Maybe take a lil Social Media break or time out if your life is so sh!tty, and take the time you would spend on Facebook working towards fixing up your life.

And a side note: don’t share stuff on Social Media unless you can verify yourself that the information is valid, true, and correct.

And on a second side note: those posts outing paedophiles, domestic abusers, terrorists, a$$holes who are cruel to animals, to name a few. Sharing those doesn’t really make you look like a caring individual, patriot, concerned citizen, animal lover, or intelligent human being. It makes you look ignorant. If you really cared what that a$$hole does to dogs, you wouldn’t keep giving him attention by posting his face all over the internet, let alone sharing images of what he has done to the dog. Sharing the stuff about people not being Australian because of whatever reason doesn’t make you appear patriotic. It does, however, make you seem like a bigoted a$$hole. We all know that Australia was pulled back into warfare against terrorists because we lost good people to terrorism, and as a nation, we still hurt because of it. We don’t however, need to stoop to the level of the terrorists. We need to rise above it as individuals so that we have a strong nation. We don’t need to shame our country. As to the posts about domestic abusers and paedophiles, and other low-life criminals . . . vigilantism is not the answer. As much as we despise the flaws in our legal system, that is what we have to deal with. If you don’t like it, then lobby for laws to be changed, lobby for sentences to be increased to fit the brutality of the crime.

I’ve logged in to Instagram, and perused my stream, posted or reposted a few things. Y’know, the regular Instagram thing that some of us do. I enjoy looking that the photos that my tattoo artist posts. I enjoy looking at the photos that my tattoo studio posts. I enjoy looking at the photos that family and friends post. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely honest, because I’ve been getting some real sh!t through Instagram too. I like seeing friends holiday snaps. Really like that sorta stuff. Not keen on the dumba$$ selfies that people do though. I don’t wanna see you make the stupidest expression that you possibly can in every single photo. Just like I don’t wanna see your tonsils in every single photo because you have an inability to take any sort of portrait of yourself with your effing mouth closed. There’s a fun photo, and then there’s a ‘I-think-I-look-cool-doing-this-stupid-expression-but-I-really-look-like-a-knobhead’ photo. Please, can we go back to seeing lovely holiday snaps, gorgeous landscapes, trees, oceans, beaches, cute animals, food, tattoos, anything, anything except effing stupid expressions? It scares me when I think that some of these people who post this sh!t are going to be working with me, serving me, looking after my medical needs, in any sort of job that might involve them having to deal with me or anyone I know.

Maybe this all has to do with the fact that I’m getting older, and I’m becoming less tolerant of sh!t. I’ve written in other posts that what you do with your Social Media account is up to you. So, if you think that what you’re sharing is just fine, by all means, you keep going the way you are. Share what you want. And just as your Social Media account is yours, mine belongs to me, and I will use it just as I choose. That’s the great thing about it, isn’t it? I can share what I want, and you don’t have to pay a single iota of attention to it, and most of you don’t. You can share what you want, and I don’t have to pay any attention to it, and that’s cool too.

I do implore you, however: don’t be ignorant about what you choose to share. Be smart, and remember that this sh!t stays online in some form or other forever. What is it that you want your online legacy to look like?

Feel free to ignore. Feel free to share. Feel free to comment. But most of all, feel free to be intelligent, and knowledgeable, and educated, and smart.


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