We’ve Gone Too Far . . .

Thursday 29 January 2015

I think it can be said that it’s definitely official – as a species, we’ve gone too far. Okay, maybe not all of us have crossed the threshold into the land of the f*cked, but it seems to me that a good proportion of humanity has made it there, safe and sound.

I’m not even going to go into any sort of depth with the increasing number of terrorists and terrorist sympathisers that the world seems to be collecting. What I want to look at is the every day, backyard garden variety of nut job that seems to be creeping into regular society. They’re largely average looking, normal kind of people with normal kinds of jobs, families, pets, mortgages. Y’know, what we’d consider to be normal. And no, we’re not going to debate here what constitutes normal. We’re just going to accept that we have normal and abnormal people that we deal with.

This morning I read an article that I happened upon a link to in my Facebook feed. A husband and wife in Utah killed their three children and then killed themselves. The wife’s eldest son from a previous marriage, and his Grandmother discovered the bodies. From the investigation, it seems that the parents overdosed the kids with a combination of methadone and cold medication. The methadone was apparently registered to the mother, who had previously been through court-ordered drug treatment some years ago. This terrible event occurred in September last year, and was allegedly due to the fact that the couple feared an impending apocalypse.

It has also been raised that the mother had been communication with an incarcerated double-murderer. Letters between the mother and murderer date back some four years. Police don’t believe that this communication has anything to do with the deaths, as the letters had ceased some time in 2008. The relationship between double-murderer, and the married couple seems to have been quite strong, with indications that the double-murderer had directed authorities that his remains were to be sent to the husband and wife.

Now that the background is out of the way, the question that remains in my mind is this: What the hell was wrong with these people? Really? An apocalypse? Seriously, that’s why you convince your kids to drink stuff that will kill them, and then you top yourselves? I’m not a religious person but Holy Mary, Mother of God, what the f*ck were they thinking? An impending apocalypse? You’ve got to be joking, right? An apocalypse . . .

People of the world, when a husband and wife believe that killing their children and themselves because they believe that there’s an apocalypse on the horizon is the best thing they can do for the family, all of this conspiracy theory, apocalyptic preparation, doomsday prepper stuff has gone too far. Waaaaaayyyyyy too far. It’s f*cked, plain and simple.

Sure, I wanna be around the people who are prepared and confident that they’ll survive an apocalypse, especially a zombie apocalypse. I wanna be with those people who have sh!t loads of guns and ammunition so that we can blast the sh!t outta the heads of those zombies. I wanna be with people who know which of the plants and shrubs in the woods are edible, and how to use a tarpaulin to collect water, and who are great with mechanical repairs and such. I do. I really do wanna utilise their expertise. But, and I don’t think it’s such a big but, I want them to have a seriously large amount of common sense, and not think that killing their loved ones is the thing to do when there’s no actual signs or indications that we’re going to end up as zombie chow.

When people believe that killing their family and themselves is the best option to avoid an apocalypse, that’s f*cked. Where were the mental health people when this was about to go down? It’s not like there were indications that this family were struggling with reality – the wife and her court-ordered drug rehab, the financial woes that they went through . . . things were clearly not alright for them. And if there was little evidence for the mental health advocates to step in, where was the concern from extended family? There must have been indications that things were not alright in this home.

I, like many others, struggle to comprehend and make sense of this level of stupidity. I hesitated in my use of the word ‘stupidity’ because obviously to those involved, whether they be extended family or friends, loved ones were lost. But this incident was exactly that – stupid. I write, one more time, that when something like the concept of an impending apocalypse costs the lives of innocent people, something is wrong with humankind. Something is very, very wrong.


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  1. I’ve always said that 90% of the world’s population is stupid, the other 10% are just trying to avoid the 90%.

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