Things That Suck Big Time . . .

Monday 2 March 2015

This is one of those posts that are kinda like filler because I have no idea what to write a post about, but scheduling-wise I need to write a post. Y’know, those posts that I wrote that are listy, or not entirely serious or sensible. Filler posts. Now, despite the fact that the purpose of this article was to be a filler, I still had some level of difficulty in trying to come up with an idea upon which to base the post. And then the media and the Internet provided me with some examples of sh!t that sucks.

The first thing that popped out and b!tch slapped me upside the head was ‘the dress that broke the Internet’ as it has been dubbed. Honestly, with everything that is going on in the world, who the f*@k cares whether the bloody dress is white and gold or blue and f*@cking black? I read a comment on one of the articles, and a woman tried to justify the alleged importance of ‘dressgate’ by explaining how it influenced how kids saw the world and learned to read and write. Really? Please! Don’t go down that pseudo-education path. Teachers deal with enough sh!t about how kids learn as it is. We don’t need ‘the dressgate theory’ of learning to cope with as well. Seriously, I swear that the only people in the world who actually, really, truly give a rat’s arse about the colour of the dress are the designer, and those who own and run the outlets where the damn dress is sold. They’ve got a sh!tload of publicity out of the whole thing.

Following that waste of time that I’ll never manage to reclaim over the course of my life, I happened to have stayed up late and caught a re-run of an episode of Cold Case. The crux of the episode revolved around behaviour modification using ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy), or electroshock therapy as it used to be called. Some poor lass was forcibly admitted to a mental facility because she simply didn’t like dressing like a girl, wearing makeup, or having long hair. As I recall, the flashbacks were set in the 1950s. It gave me pause for thought, as this sort of ‘treatment’ for ‘mental illness’ has done on a number of other occasions. I used ‘ ’ around those terms because what the young girl was suffering from was far from being a mental illness, and could never have been treated with ECT. In fact, if I had grown up during that era, I would have been committed to a mental asylum and had that sort of behaviour modification forced upon me. My parents would have been cajoled, harassed, and beaten down to the point where, for their own sanity, it would have been better had I been committed because, God forbid, I’m more comfortable in jeans than in a dress, in tennis shoes than heels, with short hair than long, without makeup than with it. Worse still, my ideas of women and our role in society would have been highly inflammatory. Again, God forbid women be anything other than mothers and housewives. People suck – fancy believing that such torturous methods like ECT are the best for treating people who are genuinely mentally ill, let alone those who have nothing wrong other than the fact that their opinions are different from the general public. Don’t get me wrong, I have read that ECT is beneficial for some people who have specific mental illnesses, but it doesn’t work for everyone, and there are some incredibly serious side effects of ECT.

Tonight I was unfortunate enough to switch TV channels and come to rest on My Kitchen Rules. So, things that suck big time HAD to include reality TV shows, and the people who think it’s a great idea to be on them . . . not to mention the idiots who come up with these shows. Yeah, I know, those idiots are raking in the cash, but I don’t think they have any integrity, or any creative bent what so ever. I endured under extreme duress, a bit like watching a train crash unfold (you know you should look away, but you just can’t help keeping your eyes on the events that are occurring right in front of you), two arrogant, self-absorbed, vacuous, noxious bimbos. ‘Game on’, ‘bring it’, and ‘people underestimated us’ were the catchphrases of these particular women for the majority of the episode, and yes, the words were flowing like vomit from a drunkard’s lips. Their instant restaurant was named ‘Sassy’, and they even had a definition of what they believed the word to mean. Just for the record, I felt they were so far from being sassy that it wasn’t funny. They were more arrogant, conceited, ignorant, dumb, stupid, cr@p, insert any other negative descriptor that you can come up with.

Domestic violence, now that’s something that sucks big time too. I don’t think that I need to go too far into this particular topic for you to understand the level of suckiness that domestic violence has. Any person in their right mind would agree, I’m sure. I don’t want to make light of this issue by not giving it as much space as I’ve given the previous things that suck, but it’s obvious, isn’t it? Domestic violence is bullsh!t. And that we are still having to deal with it as a societal issue in this day and age is pathetic. It just goes to show that although we understand the heinous nature of the issue, we’re still at a loss on how to really combat it. It is still far too prolific in our society.

Another sucky thing – public beheadings by terrorist organisations . . . or any organisation. We’re reviled by the information when it comes through but we still kind of expect our mainstream media to show us just a lil bit more of the beheadings clips than their rival media agencies, because we’re ever so slightly ghoulish, and we want to feel outraged because then, at least, we’ll feel something. And the recent spate of burnings. Possibly more horrific than the beheadings? I don’t know, but I do know that we need to put an absolute stop to this abominable behaviour.

I don’t believe in God, but I’m pretty sure if God existed, s/he would be pretty pissed off that so many people of so many religions around the world speak violence on her/his behalf. Isn’t God meant to be forgiving? Wouldn’t God want everyone in the world to live harmoniously? If God existed, I think s/he would. And I think that Allah would want to kick some serious a$$ as well, in regards to how people get along, and the heinous deeds being committed in his name. A theory exists that every war in the course of humanity has been caused by religion. Some believe that at the heart of every act of war, there is an argument between parties as to which religion is the first, the only, the best, whatever they want to call in to question. I think there’s some truth in that theory, but for me, at the heart of war is one man wanting absolute power over all others, and they use the name of God or Allah to justify their desire.

Moving away from the seriousness of the previous couple of points, a really big thing that sucks big time in my mind is Kanye West. I don’t care how talented you think this guy is, he has absolutely no respect for anyone else. He’s arrogant, conceited, a show off . . . I could go on, but I think you get the point. And no, I don’t care that he makes a sh!tload of money. To me, that simply proves that there are some incredibly daft people in the world. The man says dumb sh!t on a regular basis, and he thinks there’s nothing wrong with the dumb sh!t that he has said. The recent one that I call to mind is the one where he allegedly says he wouldn’t want a book’s autograph because he’s not a reader because, y’know, “sometimes people write books that just be so wordy and self-absorbed. I am not a fan of books . . . I am a proud non-reader of books”. Could anyone be more ignorant? Or stupid? Or attention seeking? He’s a twat folks, plain and simple.

A few even less serious things that suck big time for me include:

  • people not changing the toilet rolls in the staff toilets at work
  • people who aren’t punctual
  • people who are personal space invaders
  • packing tape that sticks together just as you’re about to stick it to a parcel
  • parcel post deliveries that don’t arrive on time
  • knowing that your Internet service is acting wiggy but your service provider telling you there’s nothing wrong with the service
  • untidy classrooms (sorry, had to include that. As a relief teacher, I really like a tidy classroom to work in. It helps me to find stuff!!!!!)
  • all the good new shows being broadcast at exactly the same time across rival networks because rating season has begun
  • sh!thead drivers that push you to try and get you to exceed the speed limit, and then overtake you and slow down to less than the speed that you were driving at
  • idiot drivers
  • whiny posts about stuff that pisses people off o_O .

If you’ve got anything that pisses you right off, let me know in the comments.


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9 Responses to Things That Suck Big Time . . .

  1. Lucie Pecor says:

    lolol. Husbands that act like Fathers. People who walk slow. Drivers that need a push around corners

  2. People who are “in the way.” They’re everywhere. Driving or on foot, on bicycles, and even at airports. The entire republican party is made up of people who are in the way. We must get rid of them. That way, we’d never have to search for parking and if we ever want to go to any event, no matter how big or great it would be, such as the superbowl, we’d get seats.

  3. Sharyn Morrell says:

    Hahaha – people who don’t change the toilet roll in staff toilets! I’m with you there, and since I’m on a few weeks unplanned medical leave at the moment, I did tidy my classroom two days prior for my relief teacher when I went on PD…

    • Danielle says:

      The toilet roll thing really gets to me! How difficult is it to change the roll if you’ve used it up? And we keep harping at kids for this sort of stuff… Thanks for stopping by and contributing, Sharyn. Hope the unplanned medical leave sees you healing quickly so you can hop it back to work! Yeah, bad pun, I know!!

      • Sharyn Morrell says:

        Doing some random clicking and came across this post – not-so-funnily, still not healed…now I know it’s been as long as it feels!

  4. Vincez says:

    People claiming their personal behavior and the results of that behavior is a disease. Not everything is a disease. Personal responsibility.

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