Hypocrisy And Stupidity Abound

Sunday 19 April 2015

The older I get, the grumpier and less tolerant I’m becoming, and I’m convinced that I’ll end up in a nursing home in my old age and I’ll be the really grumpy-a$$ed ol’ biddy refusing to come out of her room because everyone else in the nursing home is a bloody idiot. Yep, I’m gonna be that ol’ biddy. I’m totally going to get haters out of this post but I’ve got to get it out of my system. As per any other post that I think might offend or piss people off, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to keep reading. And that leads me on to the point of this post . . .

It seems that every man, woman, and their dog (or cat, as the Internet seems to have a thing about felines) has created a profile on some crowdfunding site like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, or Indiegogo. They’re just the top three crowdfunding sites available for you to screw money out of others, and many more exist for your begging pleasure. You can feel my grumpy intolerance, can’t you? Just in those two sentences. Now, whilst I don’t have issues with charities seeking funding for their good works, I do have an issue with some schmuck setting up a crowdfunding profile so that they can buy themselves a car with money sourced from other people. If you want to buy a car, get a bloody job and save the money. Or in a case I saw recently, some guy said he’d sell his car for one dollar to a needy family if other people crowdfunded him into the money he wanted to buy a new car. That’s not charitable. That’s using emotional blackmail to get what you want.

Then there are the people who crowdfund to pay their bills, whether that’s their utility bills or medical costs, legal fees, whatever. And the people who crowdfund to buy their kids presents or take them on vacations. Crowdfunding allows you to get other people to pay for whatever it is that you want, and the more sobbing your story is the better because all of the gullible people of the world will unite and give you money.

Now, before anyone gets their knickers in a twist about how I lack compassion and empathy, how I’m a cold-hearted b!tch, how I should walk a mile in the shoes of the needy, let me ask you this one, simple question: if those very same people who you gave money to on a crowdfunding site were standing on the street, rattling their tin and asking for donations for the exact same thing you gave them money for on the website, would you give them money? I’ll bet that the answer is no. You’d walk straight by, you’d ignore them when they rattled the tin in your direction, you’d hurry to get by and into the shop you were heading to, you won’t give them a second glance, and yet they set up a profile on a website, offer up some sob story, and you hand over your cash.

If those people were begging in the street, you’d more than likely look down your nose at them and hurry on by. You wouldn’t stop to find out their story, you wouldn’t ask why they were collecting donations, you’d just leg it out of there as fast as you could. Admit it, you would walk on by. If those people had a sign outlining their sob story, it’s highly likely that you’d read enough of the sign to find out that they were collecting money for themselves and you’d walk on by, probably muttering something about the cheek of these people to stand here expecting that you pay for their car/bills/holiday/etc. Very few of you would hand over any substantial amount of cash that you’ll happily donate to someone’s crowdfunding effort. In person = unlikely to give cash. Online = sh!t yeah, sign me up, how mush do you want?

Hypocrisy. That’s how I see it. You pass by those begging on the street, but you give without question to those begging online. And you know what? Those people you pass on the street are probably more genuine and in need than those you freely give money to via crowdfunding sites. What is it about the Internet that makes sob stories more real for you people than looking at those stories in the flesh? Have you not heard of catfishing? I know that can just as easily happen when you’re dealing with someone in the flesh, but online it seems so much easier to get away with because global distance is nullified online. When it’s online, it seems to me that so many more people become the personification of gullible.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m all for being charitable. I’m all for helping those in need. I’m all for people using their initiative to get ahead. However, the level of stupidity that many people demonstrate by giving cash to dubious persons, well . . . it just astounds me. Be charitable, be giving, be concerned with the state of the world and the finances of others, but for the love of God, stop being so f*@king gullible. If you see someone on the street begging and they say, for example, that they need money because they’ve had their leg amputated and are finding it difficult to make ends meet, you can see whether or not they’re telling the truth because they’ll be missing a leg. Online, use your brain. I can tell you how devastating it was to lose my leg because of a terrible car accident that also took the life of my ten month old son, and I haven’t been able to pay my medical bills, mortgage and utility bills since the accident. How are you ever going to know whether or not I’m telling the truth? It’s easy enough these days to whip out a picture and photoshop it so that it seems like I’m being truthful. You won’t ever know, especially if you’re donating money to me from all the way around the other side of the world. You gullible, foolish lil person.

Sure, not everyone who starts up a crowdfunding profile is a shifty git, but some of them are. I’m betting that a good proportion of them actually are shifty as all hell though. But the thing that sh!ts me, other than what I’ve already covered, is the fact that everybody seems to have this sense of entitlement or rather, no sense of shame, and they think that it’s perfectly alright to hit up other people for money in order to get what they want. Here’s a theory: get a bloody job and save the money like the generations of people before you have managed to do. I know, I know, it’s an old fashioned theory, but to my mind, people have lost any sense of personal responsibility that was once mostly inherent in a society. Now it’s all ‘I want something, so I’ll beg you for money so that I can get it’.

Like I wrote at the beginning, I’m becoming grumpier and more intolerant with age. Things are so bad though that I’ve had booger eaters I teach see my pencil case, tell me that like it, and then ask me if they can have my stuff because their parents won’t buy it for them. I’ve had a kid see my mobile phone and then ask me if they can have it because they want one. That’s not right. That’s not the way that society should be. There’s little to no work ethic or personal responsibility in people today. It’s all entitlements and demands: I want what you have, you’re going to give it to me or I’ll take it from you.

It’s true that not everyone in the world is like that, and we should all be wary of rash generalisations, but the fact is that there are too many people who are like that out in our world these days, and it’s not right. It needs to be fixed.

Okay, rant over . . . until the next post. 😉


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