Colour Me Stress-Free . . . As If!

Wednesday 2 September 2015

I’ve found myself drawn in – excuse the pun, you’ll soon make the connection between wording and topic – to the latest adult fad of colouring in. I’ll let that sink in with you for just a moment. I’ve been scouring the local newsagent, hitting up my favourite bookstores (brick and mortar venues as well as online stores), and visiting an art supply store just to feed my latest obsession. Okay, fine, it’s not new for me to hit up these places because, y’know, I love books, and I have a big thing about stationery, so there’s no surprise really that I’d end up at an art supply store picking up a really cool, really expensive set of coloured pencils to use on the really cool colouring in books. Or that I’d get a really cool set of permanent markers that don’t bleed through the pages. Anyway, on to the point of the post.

I’ve read a number of articles that state that colouring for adults does the same thing as meditating. Apparently, it relieves stress . . . apparently. Now, that’s not actually why I bought the first few colouring books. I just thought I’d grab a couple that were, allegedly, quite difficult to get hold of because people in the northern hemisphere had jumped on this colouring in for adults much faster than it was picked up in the southern hemisphere. I liked colouring when I was a kid, so I figured that I’d probably still enjoy it as an adult. Again, no surprises there.

However, I’d like to put out a great big nuh-ah to the idea that colouring in is a stress reliever. There is no way on God’s green Earth that colouring in, for me, is a stress reliever. Nope. Not at all. What it is though is a great big black hole. It sucks hours out of my day without me even realising that it’s happening. I can start colouring a picture believing that I’ll only colour a few elements of the image, and then before I know it, an hour has gone by, I’m halfway through the picture, and my brain is saying ‘hey, don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time to finish this picture before you have to actually get up off you’re a$$ and do something constructive like write a bloody blog post so that you can schedule it for tomorrow’.

I’ve bought a truckload of colouring books, just in case I finish the first hundred that I’ve bought. Okay, so I haven’t bought a hundred, but I do have a rather large, and increasing pile of colouring books in my study. And I’ve only managed to get through one complete colouring book of mandalas since I started colouring. Plus I’m saving the really good pencils for the difficult to get, intricate colouring books.

Has colouring in relieved me of any stress? No, definitely not. Has colouring in sucked hours of my life away without me realising? Yes, absolutely, without question. Would I recommend to anyone else to get their hands on a colouring book or two, and a nice set of coloured pencils or good quality textas/markers? Hell yeah. Especially if you enjoyed colouring in as a kid. And for people who have that slight OCD quality, hey, it’s great to be able to colour in and be pedantic about staying within the lines, and methodically working through each colouring book!! Not sure that my chiropractor will be too happy about the state of my neck and shoulders after some of these mammoth colouring sessions though.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a bloody gigantic forest to colour, complete with woodland creatures, and hidden ‘inky quest’ items to find . . .


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