It’s On The Internet, It Must Be True . . .

Subtitled: Fact Or Cr@p

Tuesday 10 – Friday 13 May 2016

As adults, we’re forever telling kids the best way to do things, giving them advice about social and personal situations, handing out unwanted advice to them . . . you know how it goes. We advise them to not gossip about others, be kind, trust their instincts because if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. We tell them to be careful of who they trust with important or personal information, how to handle themselves regarding bullies and online trolls. And yet . . . and yet we fail to take our own advice.

Time after time my Social Media feeds are filled with cr@p, utter, unmitigated bullsh!t, and it’s all because adults insist on sharing, and oversharing, information that they think is true and correct . . . because they read it on the Internet. Memes, e-cards, quotations allegedly spoken or written by famous folks, you name it, we share it. And we do so without bothering to investigate the alleged facts of whatever it is that we’re sharing. And when I say ‘we’ I really mean you.

So what is it with people that they’ll blindly repost or share things that they don’t bother to fact check? I’m not sure that it’s a question that I’ll ever find an answer to other than this: as long as people continue to spread gossip in real life, people will share sh!t stuff that they pick up from the Internet. That’s as close as I think I’ll get to figuring out an answer that makes any semblance of sense. Unless, of course, the answer is much simpler than what I’m considering. Maybe it’s just that people are gullible, and will believe whatever someone posts online. Is it that? Is that the reason why people continue to share cr@p?

Allow me to mention some of the things that people have posted that just screams bullsh!t to me.

  1. CR@P: ‘A human body can bear only up to 45 del (unit) of pain. Yet at time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 del (unit) of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time. Can u imagine it now, the mother’s pain & love? Share and salute your mother’. FACT: pain is not measured in dels. In fact, there is no such thing as a del unit. It’s   made up, fictional, bullsh!t. At one point in history, James D. Hardy, Harold G. Wolff and Helen Goodell introduced an instrument called a dolorimeter to measure pain threshold and tolerance, but other researchers were unable to reproduce the alleged results of the Hardy, Wolff and Goodell project, and the device and approach were abandoned. But a del? Nuh, that’s cr@p, and a simple bit of Google research will tell you that. If you really wanted to salute you mother, you could always just tell her how amazing you think she is! Just a thought.
  1. CR@P: Anything about ‘there’s a new hack on Facebook’. It may contain information such as: someone else will post as you, but you will be unable to see what that dastardly fiend is posting; or they’ll set up a new Facebook profile as you, friend all of the people on your friend list, and post porn or phishing scams; or they’ll post comments under your name, again that you won’t be able to see, and these comments will cause great misunderstanding. FACT: These bullsh!t status updates have been going around pretty much since the creation of Social Media platforms. This is a half ‘n’ half deal, and it falls under the category of identity theft. The part that has the potential to be true is that since the dawn of Social Media, it has been possible for your personal information to be stolen, and for someone else to set up a profile using your information. That’s as true as this one gets. Don’t believe the hype, or the bullsh!t in this instance.
  1. CR@P: Facebook will start charging this <insert season>. Yeeeeaaaahhh, naaaaahhhh, not gonna happen, so please stop sharing this sh!t. It seems to come around in cycles, and every so often, our Facey feeds are filled with people telling you to repost this update in order to prevent Facebook from charging you big $$ for using the service. FACT: Facebook isn’t going to charge you to use the service . . . at least, not at the moment. Never say never, but in this case, the Zucker has definitively said it’s not happening. Just trust that at the moment, and stop, for the love of God, STOP sharing those bogus updates.
  1. CR@P: Posts on Social Media asking you to type ‘amen’ to help the lil children, or those ‘for every share this post gets, Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg/Bill Gates will donate X-amount of the company or personal fortunes. Bull. Sh!t. And please, again for the love of God, STOP sharing this sh!t, and posting “Just in case” before you share it. There is no just in case. But just in case, STOP STOP STOP sharing these cr@p posts. FACT: If you bothered to do any basic research on Bill Gates, you’d know that he and his wife donate a massive proportion of their wealth every year . . . like most of it. His kids are getting diddly squat as their inheritance because Bill shares his $$ on things like ensuring people in third world countries are vaccinated against malaria. Yeah, nothing of note, just a freakin’ massive, HUGE amount of money going to charity there.

The really important thing here isn’t really that I get sh@t off really easily by people sharing these utterly cr@p updates – I’d have thought that was actually quite obvious. What is important is that you do a lil bit of research before you share these things. Don’t be a gullible fool. Think of these things as gossip – is it something that you think really needs to be shared, or is it trash talk? If that doesn’t work for you, think about this before posting stuff: will posting this update make me look like a complete and utter twat? If the answer to that question is yes, or I don’t know, then don’t post the update because it will make you look like a gullible fool at best.


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