Telco? More Like TelNO!

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Aaaahhhh, never a day goes by when someone I know doesn’t have a gripe about their telco (TC) or Internet provider (IP). Well, tonight it’s my turn. I’m not going to name the company, because for most of the time, I get pretty good service from them, and it’s a lil unfair to judge them by the few cockups that I’ve had to suffer through. But still, I’m pissed enough tonight to need to vent my spleen.

Firstly, what really, really pisses me off about all TCs and IPs is that their first port of call it seems is to deny that there’s any issue at all. Deny, deny, deny. Now, I do know a couple of people who work for TCs/IPs, and at this point, they’re quick to tell me that the issues are likely to be with the equipment we have or are using than with their networks. Mmmmhhumph, sure, you’re still in denial though. The funny thing is, with any TC or IP I’ve dealt with, the issue hasn’t been with the equipment that I’ve got, but rather some network issue, and hours down the track I get a generic email explaining that there’s been a network outage but everything’s now resolved.

The second thing that cr@ps me right off is the fact that the customer service reps get you to jump through hoops to “troubleshoot” the equipment. I understand that they have a script to read through when they deal with customers, but here’s a f#$king clue, if your company’s getting tweet after tweet after f#$king tweet from customers all across the country about the same issue, there’s a f#$king problem with your network! And while we’re on that, if there’s a problem with your network, no amount of troubleshooting on my end is gonna solve the problem, so stop making us do all the stupid things you tell customers to do . . . like plug your modem into another phone socket when a customer tells you there’s only one phone socket in the house . . . or try another modem when the customer tells you that they don’t have access to another modem . . . or turn your phone off and then back on again, because chances are the customer’s already turned it off and on again! Not every customer is a schmuck who has no idea about troubleshooting tech.

Now the guy I spoke with tonight was a pleasant enough fellow, so I didn’t rip into him the way I’ve ripped into other TC/IP reps. However, filling in an application for a loan modem to be sent to me which has to be approved by someone else in some other department does not solve my problem. There’s only so long I can calmly cope with my Internet connection dropping out – and given that the rep told me that my connection had dropped out 22 times between about 3pm and when I eventually got to speak to someone at 6:30pm, an hour after I called to report the issue, I’d have hoped that there was something that could have been done from his end to ensure that I had a stable connection . . . but apparently no. I’ve got to put up with an Internet connection that establishes and works for about 15 minutes, and then drops out before struggling to reconnect a few minute later. 22 drop outs and counting, and no band-aid solution for the moment. Just let that sink in for a moment – 22. Internet. Dropouts. In the space of 3 hours. The best bit is: they may not approve a loan modem anyway, and if they do and I don’t return it on time, they’ll charge me the cost of the modem and a restocking fee. That’s right, a fee to restock their supply store with another modem. Because we all know how reliable couriers and the postal services are. Don’t even get me started on that.

Another thing that sh!ts me off is the fact that when the customer is right, and it’s a network issue, we are the ones who have to beg for remuneration for the loss of service. Yep, it’s up to us to ask for compensation for not being able to use the service that we pay for. And then the company can decline our request.

But the best bit is when they do not update their network status pages, so you only ever see that there are no outages. I call BULLSHIT on that! Stop denying there are issues, stop allowing your customer service reps to cop sh!t from customers, and update the metwork status pages to show that there are problems!

I could keep on going with this. I could keep going all night. Speaking of all night, I’m pretty sure the dropouts are up at about 30 or 40 dropouts since about 3pm. The problem is not resolved, and I’m getting more and more sh!tty the later I stay up and write this, so I’m leaving this post here as it is. Leave me a comment at the end of the post if you’ve got a sh!tty TC/IP story to tell, or that you wanna get off your chest.


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