We’re In Safe Hands. Really?

Monday 6 June 2016

I’m not normally one to discuss politics, in part because I believe that one’s political bent is not the business of others. Mostly though, I find politics, and discussing it really quite frustrating. I find political policies frustrating, political parties frustrating, and politicians utterly irritating. I don’t think there’s a politician around that I don’t find irksome. Let me break this down . . .

Politics, by its very nature, ends up being derisive. It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking with an educated person about politics, or if you’re stuck chatting with someone you think barely has two brain cells to rub together, talking politics usually ends up backing everyone into a corner in some lame attempt to justify their political views. And politicians themselves can’t help but be derisive. It seems they all take great pleasure in slinging mud at their competitors, and even greater pleasure insulting the opposition as much as they can. See? Frustrating.

Instead of peddling policy, politicians have a nasty lil habit of behaving more like children bullying each other in the playground than educated adults trying to convince voters that they are trustworthy enough to represent us in parliament. For whatever reason, pollies seem to think that they win votes by slagging each other off, insulting their competition, and dragging as many opposition names through the mud as they can. Call me crazy, but I’d like to see a political campaign where at least one of the major politicians spends their time discussing their party’s political platforms than insulting the opposition. Where a major politician refuses to engage in any form of personal attack or assault, but rather spends that precious time proving that they’ll keep their party’s promises, and that they deserve our votes. Surely it can’t be that hard to do? I mean, for the most part as a society we manage to interact with co-workers, friends, people we don’t particularly like that much, without breaking out into some massive public insult exchange. So, the constant insults and attacks are something else that I find greatly frustrating from politicians and their parties.

It doesn’t matter what words are coming out of a politician’s mouth, they’ll all end up being lies at some point in the future. I’m sure that everyone can recall a promise made in the heat of an election campaign that was subtly, or not so subtly, tossed out when the political party achieved power. It’s almost a given that voters are left to ponder broken political promises. It’s probably the one thing you can actually count on during an election and its aftermath. Again, frustrating. If you’re going to promise something to get our votes, come through on that promise. Not like a particular politician here in my state who said in an interview, and I’m paraphrasing, that voters expected that politicians broke their election promises. Seriously, that’s what he said: that as voters, we fully expected that politicians would make promises and we fully expected that those promises would never come to fruition. Sorry, Mr. Politician, but I don’t think that your concept of what should happen with an election promise is actually what we expect as voters. What we expect is that you’ll commit to ensuring that those promises that you make are not broken, because sure as sh!t, if we expected you to renege on your election promises, no one would have voted for you. They all would have voted for the other guy because he is less egotistical.

Now, something else that I find remarkably frustrating about politics is that when people discuss it, they become mindless, brainless vessels who seem to lose all common sense. People who you thought were educated, maybe even quite intelligent become dribbling messes who spout political party rhetoric, and say the most absurd things in support of their candidate or party. So much so, that with the Presidential campaign currently being waged in the U.S., I’ve cut off a few Social Media friends who have shown themselves to be ardent supporters of a particular candidate, and who fill their SoMe timelines with ‘yeehaa, X’s great’, ‘I couldn’t agree more with X’s sentiment on blah, blah, blah’, and quotation after quotation of candidate X (Pretty sure you can guess which candidate). I’ve written before that I believe that a person’s SoMe profile and account are their own business. However, when you prove yourself to be that absorbed with a candidate that so very clearly appears to have the slightest grip on reality, world events, current affairs, and things that could quite possibly impact heavily upon the rest of the world, I’ve gotta cut you off for a while because you’re appearing to be batsh!t crazy.

Of course, globally we’ve got to put up with some seriously sh!t political candidates, and some pretty sh!t political leaders. For a good many of us, we didn’t vote those particular politicians in, we voted for the other one. However, we have to suffer the stupidity of the candidate or politician who isn’t ours. Y’know, I think there’s something that happens when a person chooses to become a politician. I think that their common sense disappears. I think that any semblance of coherent speech that they once had also disappears. I think that somewhere in parliament they’re probably taken to a little room where they’re told to sign a document that states that they’ll become some of the most irritating and frustrating people ever to walk the face of the Earth. And I think that it’s some secret requirement of parliament that they agree to conduct themselves in the most childish manner possible at the most inappropriate time – the more names you can call someone else, the better . . . apparently.

Pollies are forever trying to convince us that the decision we made to vote them in (or not vote for them) was the best (or worst) decision we’ve ever made. They keep telling us that we, and our country, are in good hands, in safe hands. But how true is that? We know that they break campaign promises. We know that they like to insult each other. We know that they don’t play well with the opposing party. So why would we believe that we’re in safe hands? Well, I like to go with the old adage that the only time a politician’s lying is when their lips are moving!


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