Rumour Has It . . .

Monday 11 July 2016

The last few days have yielded some interesting information, and by ‘yielded some interesting information’ I really mean rumours are abounding. Hey, we all love a rumour, right? In the case of two of these rumours, I might be just a lil bit excited, and if they turn out to be truths I’ll be nothing short of ecstatic.

The first rumour that has made Australian entertainment news is that Adele may be bringing her latest tour to Australia. She apparently had a conversation with an Aussie woman in the audience of one of her recent shows in the U.S. and dropped the morsel of information before quickly saying that she’s always letting things slip before she’s supposed to. So, we don’t actually know if Adele will be touring Australia, but, using the title of one of her own songs, Rumour Has It that she may make an appearance either November/December this year, or more likely, early February 2017. Either way, Adele and management, if you’re reading this, I really, really hope that this isn’t just a rumour, and that you’re making plans for an Australian tour . . . and don’t forget about us here in the West. We love Adele too. Hey, I’ve even got my mama on board to go to Adele’s concert if she plays here in the West. Oh, and Adele, she’d really like you to sing ‘Set Fire To The Rain’, and ‘A Million Years Ago’. Me? Oh, I’d like you to sing, y’know, every song you’ve ever recorded, but particularly ‘Hello’.

Yep, if Adele makes it to Australia, and here to the West, I reckon I’m taking a posse to see her in concert. And I might just cough up however much it costs for the really close, really good, really expensive V.I.P type seats. Why the hell not? You only live once.

Rumour number two that has surfaced in the last couple of days relates to a fandom that I’m a part of. Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat, has reportedly said that he’d like Matt Smith to return as the Doctor. He has suggested that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Smith was the only actor to regenerate as a previous Doctor for the new regeneration after Peter Capaldi allegedly leaves after this current series. The interesting things about this rumour are: 1) no actor has ever returned to the role of the Doctor in a current regeneration after they have departed the show, and 2) after this current series, Moffat is relinquishing his role as show runner, which means that he has no input into whomsoever is cast as the new Doctor.

Now, I never took to Matt Smith when he first took over from David Tennant as the Doctor, but over the course of his portrayal, I grew to really like what he did with the character. The story arc that he was given was fantastic, and he now rates as one of my favourite incarnations of the Doctor, alongside Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, and David Tennant. Matt has previously expressed his regret at having left the role and the show, and it’s highly possible given that he feels this way, that he might just decide returning to the show is a good idea. But it’s Doctor Who so anything could happen.

The third rumour that’s doing the rounds . . . okay, it’s not actually doing the rounds, in fact, I don’t think anyone really cares about this one, but I thought I’d try to add some excitement into it . . . the third rumour is that I’ve said yes to filling in for a teacher, three days a week during term three in a year five/six class. That’s not actually a rumour; it is, in fact, the truth. A colleague will be working in the class for two days a week, and then undertaking her regular role during the other three days, and I’ll be in the class for three days every week for ten weeks. Ordinarily, I’d be quite stressed about this, but this time, I’m not, and I’m going with ‘that’s a good thing’. I’m so far from being stressed about this that it’s actually a lil bit scary. I’ve never been this calm about taking a class for an extended period of time as I am at the moment. It’s possible that I’ll freak out closer to starting work, or at some point during the term, but right now, not an ounce of stress. Not even about teaching mathematics, and I totally suck at maths.

Writing will probably take even more of a backseat, or be even harder to do once I start working than it has been so far this year. I may not be able to get many blog posts out. On the other hand, it may work the opposite way, and spur me on to write something other than Armchair Philosophy posts. I may even be able to get back into writing fiction. We’ll see.

Let me know what cool rumours you’ve heard recently.


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