5 Random Facts . . .

Sunday 31 July 2016

A couple of weeks ago, a guy I follow on Tumblr tagged me in a post that challenged me to list five random facts about me. I didn’t oblige as my Tumblr is primarily for photography and not writing. When I wondered what to write for a new post, I thought about the five random facts challenge. So here we go . . .

Random fact 1: I really enjoyed the movie The Lake House starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. I know it’s probably not cool to admit it, but I thought it was a good movie. And I like the casting brings Keanu and Sandra together again; their first movie since Speed. Many critics and viewers believed the story too befuddled to make any semblance of sense, and maybe that’s because they were unable to suspend their disbelief. Look, it wasn’t ever going to be an Oscar winner, but not every film has to be. I will still defend this movie as a great piece of entertainment because the key moments in the story are full of possibilities.

Random fact 2: When I was a child I was scared of the dark. I wouldn’t walk anywhere at night in my own house if the lights weren’t on. I couldn’t go into a room if it wasn’t lit up like a Christmas tree. Why? Irrational fears that kids have? Nuh . . . I knew what lived in the dark. I still know what lives in the dark, only now I pretty much figure that I could give it a run for its money. Oh, and I’m not afraid of the dark anymore.

Random fact 3: You know in maths how the questions are all apples and oranges? They’re two of my favourite fruits so I was mildly conflicted by those questions because why couldn’t I have both the apples and the oranges? There was no reason that I could see that the apples and oranges couldn’t go together and make the basis of a really lovely fruit salad. No wonder my maths teacher lost me as soon as he opened his mouth. But I can’t eat them if they’re starting to get old. If apples have even a slightly slimy feel to the skin, if they’re floury when I bite into them, that’s it, I can’t go any further with them. If oranges are starting to get that old smell about them, I can’t eat them. I need my apples crunchy and my oranges sharp.

Random fact 4: Certain fabric exists that I simply can’t touch. It makes my skin crawl if I make the stupid mistake of touching a garment made of this type of fabric. If I do that, if I touch something made of the material that makes my skin crawl, I have to immediately touch some other fabric to get the feel of the hideous stuff off of my skin and out of my brain. Yes, that makes clothes shopping fun . . . and no, I’m not going to tell you what sort of fabric it is because I don’t want any of you trying to get me to touch it.

Random fact 5: I really don’t like it when people whistle. Whistling is not one of my favourite sounds. In fact, whistling sh!ts me off, and if you do it around me, I’m likely to tell you to shut the hell up. It’s like the aural version of the fabric from fact four. It just gets under my skin and grates on my nerves. That being said, if I hear whistling in a song, such as that in Roxette’s ‘Joyride’, it doesn’t bother me. It’s just when people are walking around whistling. F@*cks me right off.

Extra random fact 6: As a twelve or thirteen year old, I got into following Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, and the Swedish national football team for one reason only . . . there were sh!t loads of really good looking players, particularly in the Liverpool team of the late eighties, early nineties. Yeah, yeah, it’s not the best reason of all to follow football/soccer but it was good enough to get me interested.

And there we are, five random facts, plus an added extra. I know, you’re utterly riveted by my facts and they’ve left you wanting more! 😉 Read my blog and you’ll find out other stuff I’m sure.


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