Wagon 537: Allow Me To Railroad You . . .


Wagon 537: an eatery in a rejuvenated railway carriage

Sunday 8 January 2016

**This is NOT a paid advertisement**

**All photos taken by me.**

Before I begin this post, I must offer up the information that the team behind this venue are family. My cousin, Rachael, and her daughter, Emma, are the culinary creatives who have created and run Wagon 537. On occasions, you’ll also find Rachael’s son, Jayson, providing front of house, and her sister, Meghan, in the kitchen slaving over hot-plates and cookers. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let me get on to the “talking about the venue” bit of the post.

In the centre of town, there’s a delightful little park area that the Shire have named, wait for it . . . Central Park. Inventive, right? As massive as its New York namesake? Ummmm, no, not at all, nowhere near it. But Collie’s Central Park has something that New York’s Central Park doesn’t have. Wagon 537, an eatery in an old but recently rejuvenated train carriage. Call it what you want – a pop up kiosk, restaurant, café, coffee shop, take away outlet. However you choose to refer to it, there are some things that anyone who has been there will be happy to tell you: the coffee is divine, the burgers are exquisite, the chips (fries for my US readers) are to die for, and the ice cream is from West Aussie favourite, Simmo’s. Look, I could go on about everything on Wagon 537’s menu, but it would simply be easier if I said that all reports I’ve had about the culinary fare from this venue have been positive, and people are eager to spread the word, and return to try out other menu options.


A fine selection of food and beverages are available at Wagon 537.

When I first heard that my cousins were the team behind Wagon 537, I resisted the urge to go straight down and support their business. It was difficult, but I figured rather than hound them as soon as they opened, I’d wait, let them get settled into working and running the new business, and allow them the time to find their feet. Turns out, from the word around town, that they’ve had a baptism of fire. Business has been full on since they opened. The word has already spread that this is the place to get a great burger and chips, a green smoothie (if you’re on a bit of a health kick), a cold pressed juice, or a bagel, be it of the breakfast or chicken Waldorf variety. And do people rave about the coffee? Hell, yeah. For those of you who are interested, the coffee comes from Margaret River Roasting Co. (@margaretriverroasting)

Let’s talk about the burgers. I’m a bit of a burger fan. I’ve eaten burgers in loads of different towns and cities and countries. So, I don’t say this lightly: the hamburger, and the cheeseburger that I’ve had from Wagon 537 are the best burgers I’ve ever had. Ever.


Rachael hard at it.

I know, I know: it’s a big call to say they’re the best burgers I’ve ever had. I realise the ramifications of this, but in my opinion (and let us remember that opinions are subjective, and we own them and are allowed to share them) these really are divine. There’s just the right amount of cheese, lettuce and tomato, grilled onion, and sauce on them. The burger/patty is melt-in-your-mouth perfectly cooked and tasty, and the hamburger buns are two thumbs up. The cheeseburger is now my favourite burger of all time. The same tasty meat patty is topped with a melty slice of cheese, sliced pickles, and those grilled onions. The chips are cooked to perfection: crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Mmmmm, beer battered chips.



A Wagon 537 cheeseburger.


Wagon 537’s beer battered chips.










Aside from me raving about the food, you really want to know what I think about the prices, don’t you? I find it a tad gauche to discuss specifics where money is concerned, so I’m not going to go into the dollar amount. You can check that out yourself from the photos, or by visiting the team in person. I will, however, say that the prices at Wagon 537 are very reasonable. I’ve paid double and above for burgers of a much lesser quality at other venues.

There’s a short wait time for your purchases, as they are cooked to order, so you can be guaranteed of hot burgers and chips, freshly prepared bagels, juices, smoothies, and coffees. It’s a corker of a lil venue, and for those of you living locally, get over to Wagon 537 and try it out. If you live out of town, maybe next time you pass through you should stop at Central Park and visit the team at Wagon 537.


Have a peek at the menu.


Simmo’s ice cream available at Wagon 537.










My regular readers know that I don’t endorse things just for the hell of it, and I’ve always been upfront if what I’m endorsing is run by people I’m related to or know well. My reputation and my word are on the line if what I’m saying is untrue. So, you can rest assured that I’m not spinning you a line just to drum up business for my cousins. Trust me when I say that they probably don’t need me to drum up any business for them because they’re already run off their feet!


My cousin, Rachael, at Wagon 537 taking my orders…for food and photos! You’ll get a smiling and gracious reception and excellent service when you visit too.

If you have the opportunity to check out Wagon 537, do let the team know that you’ve heard about how fabulous their food and beverages are. You’ll get great service from Rachael, Emma, and the team . . . and if you’re really lucky, Jayson might even give you a bit of a song, talented songwriter and muso that he is. 😉

Opening hours: 6.00am – 8.00pm


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