Self-Promotion Or Self-Aggrandising?

Monday 13 February 2017

I ummed and ahhed about writing this post. In fact, I wrote, and deleted, three different versions of this post before I got here. It’s a post that has the potential to offend a great chunk of people, and bring out the keyboard warriors. So, I’m going to think carefully before I commit any word or thought to this post.

What got me to this point? A couple of things, now that you’ve asked. Firstly, there are a couple of people who are in my Social Media circles who, I don’t know if they’ve changed or if I’ve changed, but their posts are now, well, they’re cringe worthy. And secondly, my girl, Adele, took out some serious GRAMMYs yesterday. Yeah, bit of a tenuous inspirational link to my post there. Don’t worry, I’ll explain it as best as I can.

I’m gonna hit up the second reason before I address the first. So . . . Adele . . . damn, girl . . . you took out the GRAMMYs for: Best Pop Vocal Album – 25; Best Pop Solo Performance – Hello; Record of the Year – Hello; Song of the Year – Hello; and Album of the Year – 25. Every category you were nominated in, you won. Yeah, that’s how you do it. And how does Adele winning five GRAMMYs link in to this post? Her acceptance speech for Album of the Year.

With members of the creative team behind her, Adele accepted Album of the Year by saying she couldn’t possibly accept the award for Album of the Year. Yep, you read that correctly. She accepted the award by saying she couldn’t accept the award. In Adele’s eyes, Beyoncé should have taken out this category with her Lemonade album. I’m not a Beyoncé fan, and it follows that I’ve never heard her Lemonade album. Have no inclination to listen to it either, even if it is my favourite’s favourite album. Adele cited Beyoncé as her lifetime favourite performer-singer-songwriter. Lady gave credit and praise to another nominee who she thought should have won the award. Because that’s what humble and modest and legendary winners do – shout out other performers as the people who should have won. Sure, she thanked those involved with the production of 25, and other important people in her life, but she gave the biggest shout out to her idol, Beyoncé.

And that got me thinking about those people I mentioned before who have started posting cringe worthy updates and tweets and sh!t. Here’s a massive, global superstar who is humble in winning five GRAMMYs and heaps praise on her favourite performer. And here are people I have in my SoMe world who are full of sh!t. They’re self-aggrandising twats. Yeah, that’s right, I didn’t even bother to censor ‘twat’ because that’s how much their posts sh!t me off.

Like I also mentioned, I’m not sure if it’s those people who’ve changed, or if it’s me. Did I not see the cr@p before that these people were posting? Or have they only just started inflicting that self-aggrandising rubbish on us? I don’t know, but it bothers me. As much as I try to skip over those posts, ignore those people, hide their garbage, inevitably I come across some piece of sh!t that they’ve posted, and I read it . . . and then I spend I don’t know how long wondering why the f*!k I read the update, and smacking my head against a brick wall to get that cr@p out of my head, and I wonder why I read something that has taken time out of my life, time that I’ll never get back. Worse still, I’ve got voices for each of those self-aggrandising twats, and I read their updates and posts in the voice I’ve assigned them. And let me tell you, the voices I’ve chosen for them are highly irritating, so that makes their posts ultra-annoying.

There’s a fine line between self-promotion and self-aggrandising rubbish. Self-promotion I don’t mind at all. It’s often how I discover new literature, new writers, new music, new art. It’s helpful. I engage in self-promotion. How else do you think I get you lot to read my blog posts? Or look at my Tumblr ( Or anything else I want you to interact with? I reiterate – self-promotion is good, especially when it’s done well.

Self-aggrandising though, that’s a different story. That’s not self-promotion. It’s boasting about your own abilities, letting everyone know how f*!king wonderful you are, spreading heaps of BS about yourself, making sure people know that you’re f*!king awesome, and how f*!king amazing your work is. And it’s not done in a self-deprecating manner. It’s not done in jest or fun. It’s done seriously, as if anyone else gives a f*!k. And it makes normal people want to puke . . . usually in their mouths . . . possibly even having to swallow it because you’ve read that sh!t in public and there’s nowhere to dump that puke.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s because I was brought up to do my best and get on with the job. Maybe it’s because I was taught that you don’t have an ego the size of the Grand Canyon and shout about your brilliance from the highest mountain. Maybe I don’t understand the nuances of self-marketing these days. Call me crazy, but I like my writers, singers, songwriters, artists, performers to be humble and modest, and to give credit where it’s due. I’m not into those shove-it-down-your-throat-has-no-modesty-but-will-tell-you-how-f*!king-great-they-are-whether-you-wanna-know-or-not types. The ones who have a slogan for every piece of work they’ve ever done. The ones who think they’re God’s gift to whatever ‘industry’ they’re in. And for the record, in my experience, those people are not the highly paid professionals, they’re the ones who think they’re professionals, but I have a suspicion that they might just be wannabes.

Harsh? Probably. But where’s modesty gone? Where’s humility these days? How come people can’t find a way to promote their stuff, including themselves, without sounding like twats? Self-aggrandising twats. Where’s the class and sophistication? Instead, we’re stuck with arse not class.

Look, I do a lot of self-promotion for my blog. You’re reading it now because of some sort of promotion that I’ve done. But I sure as sh!t hope that I’m not one of those twats that spews motivational quotations, or writes some spiel that makes you want to hurl because it’s all cr@p platitudes about the stuff I’ve written. I mean, if you really want I can tell you how utterly f*!king fantastic I am. But the truth is, I’d really rather just ask you to read my stuff, or make some self-deprecating joke in the hope you’ll click the link and read my posts, or even show a slight interest in what I’ve written.

Is this what Social Media has made of us? Has it made us into self-aggrandising twats? Let me know what you think.


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2 Responses to Self-Promotion Or Self-Aggrandising?

  1. darklingilistenblog says:

    I enjoyed this article, Danielle. It made me laugh, and I needed that today. I like your style.

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