Confessions Of A Closet . . .

Sunday 19 – Monday 20 February 2017

Do I have your full attention? Yes, of course I do. I knew I would as soon as I thought of the title. Bad luck for you though, as it’s not going to be some sleazy lil confessional. No, I’m going to make a few confessions to other . . . things. Let’s get stuck into it then, shall we?

Confession number 1: Closet architecture fan.

I’m a bit of an architecture fan. I do love a good building. I don’t know when I made the realisation that buildings could be really quite sexy. No, don’t laugh. It’s true. Get a talented architect, master builder, and you can end up with a building that is H.O.T. Hot. Victorian houses, modern and contemporary architecture, ancient buildings, Edwardian houses, eco-architecture . . . the list goes on. And my personal favourite: warehouse apartments. As in, the entire warehouse is one home. My dream home, in fact. The older I get, the more intrigued by architecture I find myself. And yes, Grand Designs and Restoration Man are two of my closet delights where TV shows are concerned. I’ve quite a few architecture accounts that I follow on Tumblr.

Confession number 2: Closet Art Nouveau and Art Deco fan.

I’ve a fondness for Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Nouveau more so than Deco because I like the flowing designs of Nouveau. That being said, the geometric nature of Deco is also appealing. As with architecture, my Tumblr is laden with Art Nouveau and Art Deco accounts. Again, not sure when I realised that Art Nouveau and Art Deco were, y’know, me. I could probably link my enjoyment of Nouveau back to art class when I was fourteen or fifteen, but I can’t be definite about that. They’re just genres of art that appeal to me. Nouveau jewellery is divine. Who doesn’t love a bit of René Lalique? And who doesn’t love a bit of black and gold geometric design work in or on their buildings?

Confession number 3: Closet Tiffany lamp enthusiast.

I love a good Tiffany, Tiffany-style, or Tiffany inspired lamp. It fits in with the fondness of architecture, and Art Nouveau and Deco. Tiffany lamps . . . have you seen one? They’re gorgeous. I can’t begin to explain how f*!king beautiful a Tiffany lamp is, so there seems lil point in trying. Just Google them. You’ll understand why I love them.

Confession number 4: Closet semi-reformed acrophobic.

I used to be terrified of heights . . . and then, when I was at university, I took on the role of lighting assistant for a stage production, had to climb up a huge ladder with lights that weighed a couple of kilos, attach them to a lighting rig, and stay up there to adjust them for the lighting director. Climbing said ladder with said lights sort of cured me of the terror I felt when I was at height. I’m not completely cured – every now and again I get wiggy if I’m unprepared to scale heights, but mostly, I’m good.

Confession number 5: Closet train and boat disliker.

I don’t particularly like trains or boats. Doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t travel via those modes of transport, just means I’m not at all fond of them. Especially boats. Because they’re so big (yep, it’s called megalophobia – meaning fear of large things, and yes, that means that if I have to board a plane via the tarmac as opposed to boarding tunnel, I cr@p myself because planes are huge. Oooh, side note: it’s possible I also suffer from megalohydrothalassophobia – fear of large things in water . . . like whales, submarines, boats, and y’know, icebergs). And the whole Titanic thing with the iceberg and the sinking. I’ll leave it at that.

Confession number 6: Closet musical fan.

Fine, so this one is not so much a closet confession as I’d have you think. I don’t make a secret out of the fact that I do enjoy a good musical. They get me all teary if they’ve been done right. Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Dusty – all musicals that have left me weepy for a variety of reasons. And who doesn’t love Fame or Xanadu? Or The King and I with Yul Brynner. So many fabulous musicals to watch and watch again.

Confession number 7: Closet garden fan.

Yeah, I know. This one threw me when I first discovered that I like gardens too. I mean, I’m not exactly the gardening type. I’m not the gardening type at all. However, show me a well-designed garden and I will get a lil bit excited. Especially if there’s a lot of manicured lawn . . . and topiaries, I adore topiaries . . . and roses . . . and daffodils . . . and cornflowers . . . and ferns . . . and lil pebbles that crunch under your feet as you walk along the paths . . . yeah, those lil pebbles are something. And I love, love, love a bonsai. I did try to cultivate my own bonsai when I was in my twenties. They were growing quite well for a while, and then I think I over-watered them, and they died. Not a success with cultivating bonsai.

Confession number 8: Closet double fan.

It’s an interesting one . . . well, for me it is. I do like a good double number, such as 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, and so on. And I do like a good double letter in a word, such as Danielle, good, better, especially when the double letter is found in the middle of the word. I don’t know what it is but I’m leaning towards there being a symmetry in words when there are double letters. Weird, I know.

Confession number 9: Closet kitchen fan.

Years ago, if you’d told me that I’d enjoy cooking or anything else to do with being in a kitchen, I’d have told you to f*!k off. What could possibly be pleasing about kitchens? How about the layout of the kitchen, architecturally speaking? Or kit form kitchens? Or looking at kitchens in hardware stores, where they’re all set out so potential customers can see just how fabulous the kitchen looks? And then there are stores like House . . . my personal kitchen heaven. I love House. I can’t go into a House store without walking out having purchased something, even if it’s something tiny that I don’t need. Knives, mixers, bowls, cutlery, crockery, glassware, kitchen gadgets – oh baby, I’m there. With bells on.

Confession number 10: Closet photography fan.

As much as I don’t care to admit it because it is something that the paternal side of my family was into (the ol’ biological male unit and his father sort of excelled at photography), I do like a good spot of photography. According to my old high school photography teacher, I picked up some of those photography skills. It was bound to happen that I inherit something from that side of the family, I suppose. 😉 However, as much as I like taking photos, particularly in this age of digital photography, I absolutely, without question, hate, despise, loathe having my photo taken, as many people do. Pretty sure I’ve covered the why part of that in some other post.

So why did I choose to make these confessions to you? Yeah, you guessed it – I needed a post for this week, and it seemed like a fun thing to do. Let me know some of the things you’re a closet fan of, either by leaving me a comment below, or posting something to my Social Media timelines.


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3 Responses to Confessions Of A Closet . . .

  1. Marion says:

    The place to visit in search of art deco is Napier in New Zealand. It was rebuilt after a disaster in that period, so it is Art Deco all the way. I share your love of musicals, architecture and gardens.

  2. Confession is good for the soul. You have so much in your closet.

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