A Sudden Turn Of Events . . .

Sunday 27 August 2017

Ah, well, it’s been quite a few days since my last blog post, but I have a very good reason for the sudden mini-hiatus I’ve taken. Y’see, I jumped in with both feet, and got a new puppy. Yeah, I know!

It was 80 weeks since my beautiful Miss Parker passed away, and I was sort of convinced that I’d never get another pooch because, quite frankly, I didn’t want to go through that horrible situation again where I couldn’t help this lil creature, who’d been part of my life for so long, in her hour of need. And I told Miss Parker that she was, and would be, my only girl. Clearly, getting another pooch would be a betrayal of the promise I’d made to her.

80 weeks on, and I have another lil Border Collie girl. She’s a pedigree, but as with Miss Parker, I’ve no paperwork to show anyone who asks, and I don’t care. I don’t need paperwork to tell me that my Border Collie is, well, a Border Collie. Like Miss Parker, my new lil critter is a short coat, or smooth coat Border Collie. Unlike Miss Parker, this lil firecracker is a tri-colour kid. Also like Miss Parker, I’ve named her after one of my favourite characters on TV, and in this case, a literary character too. She is Miss Phryne, pronounced FRY-nee. As in Phryne Fisher, created by Kerry Greenwood, and of the TV show Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. If I’d decided on a boy, he’d have been named Lucien after Dr. Lucien Blake in the TV show The Doctor Blake Mysteries. But it was a lil girl who happened to come home with me.

The new addition to my family, Miss Phryne. She’s 9 weeks old in this photo.

Did I mention she’s a firecracker? I’ve never had so much stuff chewed or ripped up, stolen, peed on, pooed on, puppied on. Nor have I had as many scratches and bites as I’m currently experiencing. I don’t recall Miss Parker ever being as bitey or scratchy. I know she was because I’ve got a scar from one of her ambush attacks. But this lil one, this lil Phryne of mine, oh dear God is she biting the crap outta me. All in fun, of course. She’s not going after me to fully attack because she doesn’t like humanity. Nope, this is all in puppy fun and games. You should have seen how these babies were attacking each other when I arrived to see them. I’m hoping, really hoping that she grows out of the biting. It’s been such a long time since I’ve brought up a puppy, and the last one I did wasn’t as . . . well, the point is, Parker didn’t give me additional ear piercings the way Phryne is. I swear I’ve got an extra five or six holes that I could wear earrings in.

Never-the-less, I wouldn’t trade this lil critter in. I wouldn’t return her and demand my money back. Surprisingly, I’ve fallen in love with this cheeky girl. Did from the moment I saw her. As a result, everything’s taken a back seat – getting back into playing the piano, writing my screenplays, blog writing, everything. I have no life other than going to work, and then coming home to look after this lil creature. I thought if I ever got another puppy, I’d go photo crazy because, although I have loads of photos of Parker as a pup, they’re all old-school film photos, and I’ve very few digital ones. However, I find myself wanting to watch Phryne grow up with my own eyes, as opposed to watching her grow up through a phone or camera screen. Of course, I’ll endeavour to take as many photos as I can – I’ve had her a week today, and I’ve already got 30+ photos of her. That’s not too shabby.

In the car on the way home the day I picked her up.

Dog people will know where I’m coming from. Cat people will have an idea. But people who don’t like dogs, or animals in general, will have no concept of what having a puppy or a dog is to a person who likes dogs. The lil eyes, the cute button nose, the tiny lil lips, the bitey teeth and scratchy claws . . . aaaahhhhh, all part and parcel of the joys of having a puppy. One day, I’ll look back on all the biting, chewing, and scratching and wish I was back there again, so I don’t take it for granted, and although I do my best to train and discipline Phryne, I don’t get too grumpy at her. She is only lil, after all, and to be fair, she’s just getting her head around dealing with people, with me too.

Munching on her lead.

At the moment, she’s sleeping peacefully, and she looks like a tiny, furry angel. When she wakes up, however, I’ll be dealing first with a hungry lil sweetheart, and then a vicious, lil, devil pup. She’s cute though . . . damn cute.

So, please excuse me if I’m tardy on publishing blog posts. I’m doing my best to get things done – in between swooning over Phryne, and being brutally attacked by my ten-week-old pup.

Crate training, day 2, and she’s almost a pro at it.


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