Amazing Things Set To Return In 2018 . . .

Wednesday 29 November 2017M

Okay, okay, so the biggest thing about this post, and the heading I’ve chosen to use, is that I can’t actually guarantee that anything I write in this post will legitimately make a return in 2018. It’s really all just my wishful thinking; things that I sincerely hope to see alive and well next year. That’s my disclaimer, and I’m sticking to it.

Top of my list is, of course, Adele. With a bit of luck, some of her extraordinary song writing talent, I’m predicting that Adele will make a triumphant return to the charts with a brand spanking new album. And if not in 2018, then 2019 . . . or 2020 . . . or any year after that. Now that I’ve got my obvious hope out of the way, let us move along to other things that I think will make a big comeback in 2018.

Eighties dancing. Wow, we had it going on in the dance department in the eighties. Who wouldn’t want that to return? And eighties fashion! Hold. Me. Back. I’m talking fluoro socks, tube socks, big hair, ra-ra skirts, hypercolour t-shirts, stonewash denim jeans and jackets, stretch denim, Nike basketball books, ‘Choose Life’ t-shirts . . . it’s endless. Come on, every other decade has made a comeback. Let us all revel in the glory that was the 1980s. Fine, I take your point. It is entirely possible that I’ve an overinflated memory of the 1980s. Admittedly, in retrospect, eighties fashion might not be as awesome as I would like to remember it. And maybe eighties dancing wasn’t that good either. What can I say? I grew up in the eighties.

Stay with me on this one: harem pants. Hear me out. They’re roomy, great for eighties and nineties dancing, came in a variety of fabulous colours, MC Hammer thinks you can’t touch them (*insert groan here*), great for parties or more serious affairs. Oh, come on! You’re not going to deny me harem pants, are you? No, no, you’re probably right. Not every retro idea is a good one.

Wham! A band that produced some of the eighties best songs. The good, ol’ wholesome boys, their perky backup singers . . . those were the days. Yes, I see and acknowledge the inherent weakness in this idea, but there’s nothing wrong with radio rotating Wham! songs repeatedly. It’s not necessarily necessary that we need George and Andrew in person to be belting out those classic eighties songs. Don’t misunderstand me, I’d love, LOVE George Michael to be alive and well today, and to hear him, in person, delving into Wham’s back catalogue. I really would. However, as we can’t have George in person, at least we’re lucky enough to have his voice and image captured on tape, film, video, whatever you want to call it.

The big thing, the most amazing thing that I think is set to return in 2018 is common sense. I’ll let that sit with you for a moment . . . Okay, I’m back. How does that sound? The return of common sense. I know, it’s like waiting for a unicorn to appear. You hope they’re out there, somewhere in the big, wide world, but you’re never really sure if they are real or simply a figment of your imagination. At least, that’s how I feel about common sense.

The scary thing about common sense is that these days, it isn’t. Common, that is. Nope, common sense is a rarity, like hens’ teeth. The teeth of hens, I tell you! Not everyone has it. Not everyone wants it. Not everyone has any idea that it exists. And those who do have and recognise common sense are also painfully aware that so few people actually do possess it. Let me give you an example: I know someone who has a daughter who be in her twenties now, and the young woman had no idea how to post a letter. She’d grown up in a world where text messages and emails were the primary form of written communication, so when it came to her having to send a letter, she had no idea. Didn’t know how to address an envelope. Didn’t know to go to the post office to buy a stamp. Didn’t know where to put the stamp on the envelope. Didn’t know where to take the letter to post it. Didn’t know that Australia Post had mailboxes on the street, or at the post office.

Think of the filler stories you see on things like A Current Affair or Today Tonight where they interview Gen Y people, and they ask them to change a tyre, or operate a washing machine, or boil an egg, or iron their clothes, and they get online and hit up Google for instructions on how to do things. How much do you want to smack your own forehead when you’re listening to those Gen Y people talk about how they have no idea to do things so they Google the instructions? I mean, points for realising that they can find instructions online, but Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, some things are bloody obvious. They should have been taught to them by their parents and the people who help to raise them. But nuh, no common sense.

I could go on and on about common sense or rather, the lack of it. I really could. But I’m hoping that you’ve got the picture, and that maybe you’re on the same page as me with the idea of common sense being an amazing thing set to return in 2018. The likelihood of it happening, of course, is minimal because it is a rarity. Maybe we should rename common sense to be rare sense or uncommon sense. They seem better options as descriptors for the whole concept.

Yeah, probably have exaggerated the title of this post. None of my suggestions are really amazing things, and they probably won’t make a return in 2018. Like I wrote in the opening paragraph: wishful thinking. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?


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