Dragonfly – Part 2 . . .

Saturday 10 March 2018

Dr. Rick Anderson

You know why you’re here, Rick, so why don’t we just get started? Sitting here in silence isn’t going to change anything. You still have to debrief.

I know, but I don’t see the point. I just don’t see the point.

We go through this every week, Rick. You know why we have to do it. You know it’s mandatory. So, why do you keep fighting it?

Because it’s a waste of time, Marion.

Why is it a waste of time? You’ve never explained that before.

I could be using this time to see one more patient. I could be at home, or at the very least, almost all the way home. I could be spending time with my kids. But no, I’m here doing mandatory debriefing all because one stupid guy couldn’t keep his shit together.

Harsh way of looking at things. I thought Edward was your friend.

He was. Look, can we stop shooting shit and get through what we’re mandated to get through? Please?

Sure. How’s your new case going?

Fine. He seems to be adjusting well to the medication. But you really want to know about Georgia and if she’s got inside my head yet. Don’t you?

Has she?

No. And I told you before, when you gave me her case, that she wouldn’t be able to get into my head. She can try any way she likes, any way she thinks will work, but she won’t be able to manipulate me the way she’s manipulated others. I’ve seen patients, girls, like her before. They’re all up in your face trying to get a reaction. The less you give them, the more they try to rattle you, and that’s when they make their mistakes.

You think she’s going to make a mistake? About what, Rick?

I don’t know. But I don’t think I’m that far away from finding out.

And you’re positive that she isn’t manipulating you?


How can you be sure?

Do you really think that little of me as a therapist, Marion, that you think I’d be easily manipulated by a twenty-year-old? Thanks a lot.

She is an attractive, vulnerable twenty-year-old. What I do think is that she’s got under your skin already, but you don’t want to admit it.

I think you’re wrong. She’s not under my skin or in my head. She’s a client. Yes, she’s vulnerable. Yes, she’s manipulated therapists before me. Yes, she’s dangerous. And that’s why she need our help. My help.

I know what you’re thinking, Marion.

And what’s that?

You want to take this case away from me. Probably give it to Helen instead. You think I can’t handle her. But I’ve had harder cases to work through than Georgia’s. Look, Marion, she’s court appointed. She comes to us from the hospital. She’s guarded all the way here, in the room, and all the way back again. There’s no way she can get up to anything.

Nine therapists in twelve months. How are you going to justify her therapist record? Because I’ know you’ve got an excuse for her on that one. And I have to wonder why you asked for her case, Rick? You saw the press coverage of her case. We all did. But you, you were the only one to put your hand up and volunteer to take her on. Why?

Because I can help her. That’s why. There’s no ulterior motive. I don’t have any other reason than it’s my job to fix people, and I believe I can fix her. It’s not a God complex or any other psychological reason you might want to come up with. It’s straight forward, out and out I think I can do the best job. Better than anyone else here.

You brought in your notebooks?

Yeah, on your desk.

I’ll go over them and get them back to you Monday before your first session.

You know, she asked something funny. Not funny ha ha. Funny strange. She wanted to know what I do with all of the notebooks. In the fifteen years I’ve been treating people, no one has ever, ever asked what I do with my notebooks. No one has ever wanted to know what I do with them when they’re full. Georgia’s the first.

And you don’t think that’s a red flag at all? Something you should have mentioned to me earlier? What did you tell her?

Not a thing. Same time next week then, Marion?

Wait, you can’t walk out of here yet, Rick. We’re not done here. Rick! Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you.

Just watch me. This is me walking out.

Get back here, Rick, or I’ll sanction you.

Try and find out what happens.

. . . To be continued . . .


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