B!tches, Backstabbing and Betrayal . . .

Sunday 9 September 2018

I should stick to what I know. I should stick to trusting my instinct. And I should definitely stick to what life has taught me in the past because that sh!t is real. It’s tried, true and tested. I know, I’m writing in riddles at the moment, but some things that have occurred recently have necessitated that I get these thoughts out of my head. So, buckle up, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Of course, in writing this post, I’m hardly going to name names, but I will talk in generalisations. Bear in mind that these generalisations are actually real people to me. People I know. People I mistakenly respected. People who, quite frankly, I wouldn’t trust as far as I could kick, and believe me, that wouldn’t be very far at all. I mean, despite my lower body being where my strength lies, I still couldn’t kick these people all that far. Dead weight and all. I digress . . .

Previously, life taught me that, and I’m going a lil controversial about now because I’m about to kick feminism in the ar$e by writing this, women who actively pursue or seek positions of authority and power tend to be complete and utter b!tches. I know, I know. Don’t bring other women down. Girl power. Women should stick together, and all that stuff. Ordinarily, I’d be all for supporting the sisters, just not in this instance.

In this instance, the one that I’m thinking and writing about right now, women in authority leave a lot to be desired. They become backstabbing and b!tchy. They undermine younger colleagues. They believe themselves to be better at your job than you, more intelligent than anyone else, when in fact they are simply nasty pieces of work.

Point in fact: Recently, I’ve been made aware of some things happening to a friend and these incidents have all been perpetrated by women in authority. Independently, these incidents don’t appear to be anything. Collectively, they add up to insidious undermining of someone who knows their job really well. Independently, they appear to be simple conversations. Collectively, they’re conversations held behind closed doors about someone who knows their job really well. Independently, these conversations might seem as if it’s a brainstorming session on how to assist others. Collectively, they are war room battle strategies that will be inflicted on others without so much as a courteous consultation with stakeholders. Collectively, all this Secret Squirrel stuff disenfranchises and undermines professionals who are doing a bloody good job.

I’m yet to meet a woman in power who isn’t trying to backstab, undermine, or treat other women who work under her like sh!t. I know there must be some good ones out there, but I think there might be more sh!ttier ones than good ones. And I get that women have to work harder, have to prove themselves as effective and efficient in the same positions as men. It’s the way the world works. It shouldn’t work that way, but it does. I get that. However, there’s still no need to be an ar$ehole to the women who are your subordinates. What’s wrong with treating them with the respect and courtesy that you think you should receive as a woman in a position of authority? Nah, you’d rather teach them the hard way.

It’s clearly a bit of a rant, this post, but like I wrote at the start, it’s time for these thoughts to get out of my head.

I’m starting to think seriously about the whole thing of women having to work harder than men to get into the same job, and to get the same pay grade. Yes, it’s true that this has been the way since practically forever. Is it the right way? No, of course not. Does that give women the right to sh!t all over subordinates on their way to the top, or once they get to the top? No, categorically no. My thoughts are that these women might actually like treating others like pieces of sh!t. I think they might have a penchant for crushing the self-esteem of others. I definitely believe that they think they can get away with treating people like pieces of sh!t they’ve picked up on the soles of their shoes. And when someone finally does stand up to them, they either sh!t themselves or they do their utmost to discredit what the other person is saying.

What they do need to remember is this: Karma, the universe, whatever you want to call any sort of higher power that you might believe in, always has a recourse for the choices that we make. Sooner or later, and sometimes it is a hell of a long time later, to quote Stephen King in Pet Sematary, ‘What you buy is what you own, and sooner or later what you own will come back to you’.


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