The Huntress – Part 4 . . .

Saturday 24 – Sunday 25 November 2018

‘I don’t understand why you want her dead, Williams? What’s the issue?’ Troy Gelman demanded. Williams couldn’t admit the truth to his superior but had to answer Gelman’s questions. A quick response was necessary to allay Gelman’s obvious concern.

‘She’s become untenable as an asset,’ Williams lied.


‘You don’t need to know the ins and outs, Troy. You just need to know she’s a liability to us now.’

Gelman wasn’t giving up until he had a satisfactory answer. ‘Again, how?’

Williams amped up the lie. ‘I have intelligence that Catherine’s working against us.’

The accusation immediately silenced Gelman. He floundered, unable to find the words to respond. Williams continued with what he hoped would be just enough information to push Gelman to shut up and leave well enough alone. ‘She’s compromised a number of our hits and we’re still trying to establish how many of the scheduled hits have been jeopardised. We’ll get there, but it’s going to take me some time to get to the bottom of it all.’

‘What makes you so sure it was Catherine?’

‘It was her.’

Gelman looked at his right-hand man, his gaze unrelenting. ‘Do what needs to be done.’

* * * * *

‘Everyone on my side is tucked away safely.’ Hugh gathered his favourite weapons from the armoury as he spoke. He laid them carefully, one by one, in an old worn duffle bag, and the ammunition in a second, equally worn bag. ‘Hope it doesn’t take us too long to dispatch Ford. Don’t want them asking too many questions we can’t answer.’

‘If we don’t get Ford before he gets us, they won’t need to worry about asking questions because he’ll find them, and he’ll kill them.’

‘Catherine, we will put him down before he does any damage.’

‘He’s already done damage, Hugh. It’s now a matter of eliminating him before he does any further damage,’ Catherine replied.

They continued preparing for their pre-emptive attack on Warner Ford in silence. Both tense and wary of Ford arriving at their door before they’d had a chance to set their plan in motion, they moved with purpose and efficiency. They left strategically placed, infinitesimal scraps of information for Ford to piece together to deduce their whereabouts. Nothing too obvious that would lead him to believe they were playing him. Just subtle little everyday things that normal husbands and wives left around the place.

Well on their way to their destination, Catherine began to ponder the wisdom in getting to Ford before he got to them.

‘No second thoughts, Catherine. No doubts. If this were anyone else that we were trying to entrap, you know this plan would work.’ Hugh diverted his eyes from the road long enough to register the expression on Catherine’s face. He knew what she was going to say before the words fell from her lips.

‘But it’s not anyone else.’

‘No, it’s not. But you know Ford better than anyone. You’re our secret weapon.’

* * * * *

Side roads and back streets were his friend. In a non-descript rental car hired under his father’s name, Warner Ford was a nobody as far as the residents of the neighbourhoods he was driving through were concerned. He was just another guy on his way to work, a guy who’d dropped his kids off at school or was on the way home. Ordinary. Plain. Not a killer. The thought almost made him laugh.

‘Me? Ordinary? I don’t think so. I’m . . . exceptional.’ He glanced at his reflection in the rear view mirror. ‘Exceptional.’

He didn’t believe his father would ever be as proud of him as Barnaby was of Catherine. She was his muse and Warner was his mistake.

‘Always second best compared to Catherine. Always lesser. Not anymore, father. I’m going to make an example of her. I’ll make you sit up and take notice of me.’

. . . To be continued . . .


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