Here I Go Again On My Own . . .

Sunday 17 – Tuesday 19 November 2019

Let us all just look past the fact that I misappropriated a lyric from a Whitesnake song, and get straight to the gist of this post. I’ll wait while you run through the Whitesnake song, probably singing it in your head, possibly belting it out loud. Right. Are we all back together? Lovely. Now the point of my post – I’m still in that place where I’m struggling to write, not just anything decent, but anything at all. I’ve tried reading, listening to music (new and old), watching movies and TV shows, ignoring the fact I’ve not written anything to my liking, writing cr@p in the hope something good will come of it, all to no avail. So, today I decided to try writing another form.

I don’t want to let on just yet exactly what I’ll be trying to write, because I’m not entirely sure it’s the right way to go. I need to do something to get motivated and inspired to write again, so a new format seems as good an idea as any . . . especially given so many other things haven’t worked. They do say a change is as good as a holiday. Perhaps that also applies to writing. I’ll let you know.

By chance, I came across an article about the particular format I’m about to try my hand at, and I thought it might help me to get beyond this particular bout of ‘bloody buggery bollocks, I can’t find anything to write about’. By chance, I also remembered that I had something that I’d started writing last year or the year before, that would fit perfectly into this new format. With a bit of extra writing, and a bit of tweaking of what’s already there, I think I can make this old idea work. It seems like it might work.

And these bouts, episodes, moments, whatever you want to call them, of not being able to write are becoming somewhat of a semi-regular-leaning-towards-frequent occurrence. I’m not liking that idea at all. For a while last year, I thought it had to do with working full-time, and not having the energy to be creative once I got home from work. I figured I just needed to switch off, get over the day, and rest my brain. Turns out, I don’t think that was a cause of this not writing thing at all, because I haven’t worked full-time this year, and I’m suffering from that same lack of writing issue. It’s more likely that this lack of writing stems from an increase in stress. I’m no expert, but that’s what I instinctively feel when I really get down to thinking about it.

Anyway, I wanted to put it out there that I’m going to try writing in a different format because maybe that’ll give me some level of accountability. There’s no hiding when you’ve told people that you’re going to do something, especially when that something is new. So, feel free to hold me accountable and ask whether I’ve progressed with this new genre or writing. Obviously, give me a week or so to get into it. I am, after all, working full-time for the next week and a bit. That’s not an excuse, but a statement of fact.

I know this isn’t the most interesting of posts, but it is honest, and it does let you know that I am intending on heading somewhere. It’s just that I need to get on that road and start producing something of some level of worth to me. I am, as many are, my own worst enemy, my own harshest critic, and the hardest and most difficult taskmaster that I could ever encounter anywhere.

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I like to write. What more is there to know?
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